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This Week’s ETC and HES Resources, June 8

Stage Directions • Industry NewsTools of the Trade • June 10, 2020

Resource Roundup
Each week, ETC is offering virtual resources to keep you informed. This has included its Study Hall efforts as well as LearningStage online courses. This week they are updating LearningStage to a new version. If you have any questions, please let them know at

New & Improved LearningStage|
ETC will be upgrading LearningStage to a new version on June 17th. All of your classes and completion history will transfer, but they are not able to transfer the status of in-progress classes. To implement the transition, LearningStage will be down from Friday, June 12 at 8:00 a.m. CDT through Wednesday, June 17. For this reason, they strongly encourage you to complete any in-progress courses by June 11, so that you don’t have to start any courses over from the beginning.

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Wednesday, June 10 12:00 CEST / 13:00 MSK

RUSSIAN | Multi-user systems based on Hog and Eos consoles

Do you have a large project with a huge number of devices? Do you need to share light tasks between several operators? No problem – build a multi-user system based on Hog or Eos consoles! ETC technical support engineer for Russia and the CIS Dmitry Dragunov and Hog family console trainer Alexei Pavlenko will tell you how to do this.

Wednesday, June 10 12:00 CEST / 5:00 am CDT

SPANISH |  How to light a live show for streaming / cinema / TV

A new session by Juan Carlos Pascual, Brand Manager of ETC at Stonex, where he will explain what we must take into account when we adapt the lighting of a live show (concert, theater, dance, corporate, etc.) to broadcast it. either live or with a subsequent post-production.

Hosted in Spanish.

Thursday, June 11 15:00 CEST / 8:00 am CDT

ITALIAN | Hog 4 – Gli effetti in pratica

Practical applications with many ideas on how to use the effects to your advantage

Thursday, June 11 10:00 am CDT / 17:00 CEST

Eos Family Effects with David Kane

Join Eos programmer and trainer David Kane, for tips and tricks with Effects. David will be diving into which effect type is right for which scenarios, tips for transitions, quick-application tools like grouping/subgrouping versus offset, and making effects portable between channels and show files. He’ll also cover some of the new effects tools including break mode, variables, and several more. We’ll follow the deep dive with a Q&A session. Join us for a lively session!

Thursday, June 11 12:00 noon CDT / 19:00 CEST

Build that Fixture (HES)

In this webinar, Paul and Maegan are going to show you some tips and tricks to get that fixture built when doors are going to open soon and you need control!

Friday, June 12 12:00 noon / 19:00 CEST

Welcome to the 3rd Party with Marc Lorenz (HOG)

Marc Lorenz is going to talk about third party control for Hog. This includes OSC, MIDI, Reaper, and so much more!

These events will be promoted on social media each week and replays of past events can be found our Study Hall YouTube channel. 

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