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USITT Webinars: New@Noon New Products Showcase

Stage Directions • Industry NewsTools of the Trade • April 6, 2020

USITT is pleased to offer a brand new webinar series, New@Noon as a way to provide those in the technical theatre and live entertainment industries with online education during this difficult time that would normally have been brought to you at our Conference and Stage Expo in Houston. This series of webinars kicks off Monday, April 6 at 12 noon EDT.

This new offering, however, is not meant to replace the Conference in any way, so we are holding these webinars FREE of charge for anyone who may be interested, not just USITT members. New@Noon will take place from Monday through Thursday at noon EDT, via the popular online conference application, Zoom.

The New@Noon series will be similar to USITT’s New Products Showcase that takes place every year at the annual Conference and Stage Expo. Companies who were set to exhibit their latest tech will now take the virtual stage instead to explain what the product is and to answer questions that participants may have.

These webinars will be streamed live on Zoom, as well as on USITT’s Facebook page. To watch on Zoom, click the link below for the session you wish to take part in to register in advance. For Facebook Live, head over to USITT’s Facebook page, and the webinar will be the featured video when it goes live.

View the latest scheduled webinars and their descriptions below. More will be added throughout the month of April as information is gathered.

Monday, April 6: Cable Munkey LLC Presents its New Product, Cable Munkey™
Webinar description: Cable Munkey™ easily slips onto battens or truss giving the user a quick and easy way to attach the cable. Data and power cables each run in their own separate hook for easy access, troubleshooting, and reduced electrical interference. With integrated mousing points, the cable can be secured for temporary use, permanent installations, or tours. Place a Cable Munkey™ every four feet and you’re ready to go.

Presenter: Jonathan Allender-Zivic is the Owner and Inventor of Cable Munkey™. He founded the company with the goal of making the lives easier of anyone who has to deal with cable management after many years of teaching student workers how to hang, focus and troubleshoot he decided there had to be a quicker easier way of managing cable. When Allender-Zivic is not working on Cable Munkey business, he is an Assistant Professor of Theatre at the University of South Dakota, teaching lighting and sound design. He designs both academically and professionally across the U.S. as part of his creative scholarship for the University. Allender-Zivic is currently the Vice Commissioner of Education and Training for the Lighting Commission, and the KCACTF Region 5 Festival Technical Coordinator. He is also an ETC EOS Family Contract Trainer.

Zoom advanced registration link: Click here


Tuesday, April 7: Little Giant Ladder Systems Presents King Kombo™
Webinar description: You need a ladder that helps you get stuff done with ease. The Little Giant® King Kombo™ is the pinnacle of ladder technology, offering a variety of beneficial features that make your ladder safer and more versatile than ever. The King Kombo is the winner of the 2019 OH&S New Product of the Year Award and is also the winner of the 2019 Pro Tool Innovation Award. In both awards, the ladder was recognized for its innovation and safety-promoting nature.

This 3-in-1 multi-position ladder easily converts to A-frame, extension and leaning configurations, giving you the perfect tool for any job. The crowning gem of the King Kombo is its rotating wall pad. Now, you can safely set up your ladder on inside and outside corners, walls, and studs. The climbing side of the ladder features wide-flared legs for increased side-tip stability. The extension side of the ladder has straight-line legs that are narrow enough to fit between studs. Access tight workspaces between wall studs, ceiling trusses, and roof or attic access ports. Made from lightweight, durable fiberglass, you can work around electricity without fear of conductivity. The Hi-Viz green color also promotes increased visibility to decrease ladder bumping. On the King Kombo Industrial and Technical models, you can enjoy the benefits of Ground Cue®, the bottom rung alert system. Descend the ladder with confidence. The Industrial and Technical King Kombo ladders also feature a revolutionary V-bar. When in its extension configuration, the non-marring V-bar can grip inside and outside corners, walls, and studs. Meeting or exceeding all OSHA and ANSI standards, this type IAA ladder is rated to hold 375 lbs.

Presenter: Kristy Dunkley has been in the ladder business for about five years. Her first position with Little Giant Ladders was in Dealer Customer Service. Over time, she worked her way up the ladder (no pun intended) to work in the Marketing Department, as the Customer Service Manager, and with Government Sales. Dunkley is now a Senior Account Executive. She is a Safety Director, with the specific mission of preventing ladder accidents and saving lives by promoting ladder safety training and ladder design innovations. Her goal is the same as yours, getting everyone home to their families at the end of the day.

Zoom advanced registration link: Click here


Wednesday, April 8: Vectorworks Presents Updates to Spotlight, Vision, and Braceworks
Webinar description: 2D/3D design software, previsualization software, and rigging analysis software.

Presenter: Frank Brault, senior entertainment technologist at Vectorworks, Inc., has more than 30 years of experience in scenic and lighting design, software development, and training. Over the years, he has personally trained more than 2,000 Vectorworks users through seminars, onsite training, and one-on-one webinars. He also created the Theatrical Lighting Toolkit, which was the precursor to Vectorworks Spotlight, as well as the initial release of the Space Planning suite of functionality in the Architect application. He designed and largely coded the first version of the Vectorworks Landmark application. Brault is concurrently a faculty member of the Towson University Theatre Department where he teaches an independent study studio course.

Zoom advanced registration link: Click here


Thursday, April 9: Techs Against Insanity
Webinar description: NINJA is excited to announce our newest product, TECHS AGAINST INSANITY — the game for the crew who are probably missing their cues right now. Alright, we’re all missing our cues right now (that’s fair), but when it comes time to return to work, let our new game keep you entertained for hours. Also, come and get an update on some of our other new designs.

Presenter: Terrence Williams is currently a Producer for The Works Entertainment, a Cirque du Soleil affiliate that produces multiple magic and circus shows internationally, including The Illusionists, Now You See Me LIVE, and Circus 1903, among others.  Williams founded NINJA in 2017 as a celebration for those who work in the dark, creating the real magic for audiences nightly.

Zoom advanced registration link: Click here

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