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Iris Dorbian • Editor's Note • December 4, 2006

Did I speak too soon? Last month, I talked about how Stage Directions had been one of several magazines under the erstwhile Lifestyle Media, Inc. stable that had been taken over by Macfadden Performing Arts Media, LLC. Well, the planets must have been acting up, because guess what? (And you probably have surmised this already by glancing at the new names on the masthead, as well our new logo.) Stage Directions has undergone yet another major change for 2006: SD has been bought by the Las Vegas-based Timeless Communications Corp., publisher of two top industry trades, Projection Lights & Staging News (PLSN) and Front of House (FOH).

Many of you may already be familiar with these publications because they have a crossover readership with Stage Directions, with each focusing specifically on a technical component of live performance. This bodes well for Stage Directions because it means we can draw synergistically upon the resources from both trades as we plan the editorial lineup for upcoming issues. Also, because much of the Timeless staff already has an extensive background in theatre, the acquisition is a great boon for us. In the past, Stage Directions, though respected by its ownership, had never been given the proper attention it deserved. But now with Timeless’ enthusiastic new ownership under Terry Lowe, that will be changing.

It’s a new era for Stage Directions, which was founded by Consulting Editor Stephen Peithman and the late Susan Wershing in 1988 to serve the needs of budget conscious community theatres. I thank all of you who have stayed with us through thick and thin throughout the years. Your wholehearted and unflinching support has transformed Stage Directions — 18 years after its inception — into the only viable theatre magazine in the marketplace. Under Timeless Communications’ aegis, here’s to 18 more years and counting.

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