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Sculptural Arts Coating, Inc. Celebrates 25 Years of Service to the Entertainment Industry

Thomas S. Freeman • Profile • March 4, 2016
Sculptural Arts celebrates their 25th anniversary in 2016
Sculptural Arts celebrates their 25th anniversary in 2016

Sculptural Arts Coating makes saturated paints and specialty coatings for the theatre and entertainment industry. Owned by John and Lisa Saari, the first product introduced was Sculpt or Coat in 1991, which is widely used to create scenery, props and costumes. Sculptural Arts Plastic Varnish Flat and Gloss came on the market in 1992. The Flat version is used extensively in the film and video industry. In 1994 the NJ Studio School of Design hosted the premiere of the Artist’s Choice Saturated paint line. Many New Jersey and New York City artisans were in attendance.  Tough’n White Primer and Tough’n White Metal Primer round out the product line. 

Sculptural Arts Coating strives to provide high quality, non-hazardous, low V.O.C. paints and coatings and has reformulated all of their products three times in the past 25 years to meet or exceed changing federal and state EPA standards. 

Some of Sculptural Arts products
Some of Sculptural Arts products

During 2015 they worked to comply with the new GHS and OSHA pictogram labeling standards.  Sculptural Arts Coating has always kept the health and safety of their customers and the environment at the forefront of their business decisions. 

Artists may have met the “bearded” John at USITT and SETC conferences or placed an order with Lisa on the phone. Sculptural Arts Coating has sponsored the Southeastern Theatre Conference graduate and undergraduate scene design competition for the past 19 years. John has served as an officer or master class advisor for 22 years with USITT-SE. He has also helped co-ordinate the annual NC Theater Conference since 2005. John and Lisa are looking ahead to many more years of service to their creative customers and helping new generations of painters, designers, props artisans, and costumers showcase their skills.

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