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The Point Source Audio Sounding Board: The Production Strategy for Saving Face at Belmont University

Point Source Audio Sounding Board • The Sounding Board - Point Source Audio Blog • October 24, 2018
EMBRACE™ Microphones, from Point Source Audio, used in the student-led productions at Belmont University

EMBRACE™ Microphones, from Point Source Audio, used in the student-led productions at Belmont University

The student-led orientation of Belmont University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts program in Nashville, TN is the ideal environment for students to learn the trade of theater production and acting. But the benefits of this hands-on educational approach were coming at an increasingly higher cost for the school, as students were regularly rendering the school’s lav mics unusable by hastily removing the taped-on mics after performances and rehearsals. The result was student actors uncomfortable with taped mics to the face, and a rash of defective mics and cables. The problem was ultimately solved by the school upgrading from the low-tech manner of taping mics to the face, to the highly concealable and stable EMBRACE™ earmount microphones by Point Source Audio.

The High Cost of Low Tech
“After a show or rehearsal students are generally in a hurry to rush off and do their own thing,” says Belmont production and facilities manager, Rusty King. “We’ve used other brands of lav mics in the past taped to the student’s cheek. More often than not, when a student pulled those mics off in a rush after a show or performance, they would tear out the cable or break it off at a point, making it totally unusable. This regular breakage was costing the school a lot of money to replace the mics.”

Student Voices are Heard
King knew something had to be done. His research into finding an alternative mic placement solution led him to the Point Source Audio EMBRACE EO-8WL Earmount Microphone. King initially bought 16 EMBRACE mics for the department and has been steadily adding to the collection after positive experience and reviews from the students. Featuring a patented custom-fit ear mounted design, the EMBRACE EO-8WL lav mic solved the problem of requiring the mic to be taped on the cheek, which immediately led to the benefit of less breakage and more consistent high-quality audio.

“We were regularly breaking other manufacturer’s microphones because they were small and not very pliable,” says King. “I had to find something that would be more durable, without sacrificing audio quality and placement versatility. I heard about the Point Source Audio EMBRACE microphones and thought the versatile design would be the perfect solution to address the problems we were having, and I was right.”

To read the rest of this blog, Belmont University’s Production Strategy for Saving Face, please go to the PSA Sounding Board Blog.  

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Belmont University is home to the College of Visual and Performing Arts, a vibrant creative community offering accredited programs in Art, Music, Theatre and Dance. The College houses two performance theaters, the 300-seat Troutt Theater and 1000-seat Massey Hall. The Troutt Theater is a proscenium-style space that hosts mostly theatrical productions and speaking events for the university, as well as providing a place for regional organizations to perform, including The Nashville Shakespeare Festival, The Actor’s Bridge Ensemble, The Nashville Children’s Theatre and The Nashville Ballet to name a few.

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