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Up Close with Tony Tucci

Kevin Mitchell • Vital Stats • March 1, 2007

A lighting designer carves a niche for himself in the world of ballet.

Current Home: Ballet Austin Repertory, Austin, Texas

About the Organization: Founded in 1956 as the Austin Ballet Society as a volunteer organization. Incorporated and renamed in 1982.

Also Works With: Washington Ballet, Bruce Wood Dance Company, Louisville Ballet and Dallas Black Dance Company

Career Began: New York’s Hudson Ballet,1970s, where he started as a company carpenter and sound technician.

Projects of Note: Light/The Holocaust & Humanity Project, Ben Stevenson’s Cinderella, Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre’s Carmina Burana and Christopher Bruce’s Kingdom.

Next Up: The Taming of the Shrew

Equipment: High End Systems

Couldn’t Work Without:
John McKernon’s Lightwright software — “that and a really good assistant, to help with the drawings.”

What is Changing:
“We’re using more robotics.”

Concerns: “The thing that is most alarming is the time frame to stage shows is shorter and shorter. I think it’s a problem for new people coming to do this kind of work.”

Reason for Getting Up in the Morning: “I love working with dancers. They are the most intelligent of the artists I’ve ever worked with.”

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