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Chuck McCarroll Joins IWEISS as GM for its Missouri Operation

Stage Directions • Changing Roles • April 22, 2020

Charles “Chuck” McCarroll

Theatrical solutions provider IWEISS has offices in New York, Illinois, and Missouri in addition to its headquarters in New Jersey. The company has over 75,000-square-feet of manufacturing capabilities. The company’s work can be seen in theaters, performing arts centers, and educational facilities all over the world.

IWEISS provides fabric, drapery, curtain tracks, manual and automated rigging all under one roof. With 120 years of experience in drapery manufacturing combined with the development of its Align Rigging and Via automation products along with its expert staff, IWEISS is the solution to making all your visions become a reality.

The IWEISS staff comes from a variety of backgrounds with many years of experience in theatre and construction. IWEISS has just hired Charles “Chuck” McCarroll to be the general manager of its Missouri operation. McCarroll was an IWEISS customer for several years and now brings his experiences with the company to serve IWEISS’ current and future clients. Here is some information on McCarroll.

Tell us a bit about your career background.
My original dream of becoming a rock star in the early 80s didn’t really work out. I didn’t go to college for theater but I went to a high school that had a really good performing arts center in Southern California. My first job building shows was at 17. Along the way, I worked in carpentry shops, building scenery for regional theatres, and I moved into sound design. The first third of my career was doing a lot of sound designs for musical theatre before moving into technical directing.

Tell us about your move west.
The opportunity arose for me to work in Hawaii and I jumped at the chance. I did a lot of audio work in Hawaii working with production teams and touring shows. It was a blessing and great fun. My mantra while I was there the whole time was, ‘I can’t believe they’re paying me to do this.’ Then I had an opportunity that I didn’t want to take initially; a technical director position on an Island even further west—Guam. I worked for the Baldyga Group was almost 20 years of my life where I rose up through the ranks eventually becoming the director of entertainment.

In 2000, I was tasked to work on opening a new venue on the island of Saipan. It was on that project was where I had my first in-depth encounter with IWEISS. I worked with Richard Parks as the project manager, as well as Jennifer Tankleff. I worked closely with Richard on the rigging equipment. That was such a meaningful experience for me with IWEISS; it’s always stuck with me.

What makes IWEISS a good fit for you and you a good fit for IWEISS?
The experience that I had with IWEISS and the personal hands-on interaction at every level with them was awesome. Over the years, working with a range of other companies and suppliers for various products and services, I never had an experience quite like when working with IWEISS, where I had so much access and was so well taken care of. I’m pretty sure that we weren’t IWEISS’ biggest client, but it didn’t matter. Their attention to the details of the work that came in from them, and the actual customer service, was outstanding.

I thought about a midlife career change, but not get too far away from what I knew. Wanting to be on a team and involved with people that are so passionate about what they do; care about every one of the touch points—the quality, the engagement with the customer, the follow-up with the customer—that was super attractive to me. I have a ton of respect for the team at IWEISS, so it’s a huge honor for me to be accepted into that team. From my standpoint, the organizational management experience that I was able to gain in my career has been super helpful. Working with companies that have a lot of moving parts, and multiple operations in multiple locations. Dealing with that from a managerial and administrative level, I think it’d be helpful for the Missouri operation where it’s still relatively new.

Tell us about IWEISS’ Missouri operation.
The shop is in Ozark, MS; about 30 minutes north of Branson. We have 20 people working there and we offer the full line of theatrical solutions that IWEISS has to offer including a full drape sewing shop. I think that there is a lot of what we have to offer that will be of interest to theaters. The Align products will be very cool for the more traditional counterweight systems. The zero-fleet motor gear that’s coming up is very interesting as well as the Via automation interfaces we are working on. What’s nice about the IWEISS products is that it translates across usage lines; there’s something for everybody.

Talk about the value of the service IWEISS provides end-users.
My experience as a client of IWEISS is a big reason that I decided to join the team. It’s the customer’s access to everybody from any level of the company—from the executives to the engineers to the project managers. Having the project managers be so focused on the client, the client’s needs, along with the excellent follow through after the project as well. It’s about making sure the customer gets exactly what they need, exactly when they need it, and it’s working for their requirements.

What should people know about IWEISS and the operation in Missouri?
They should know that we’re here! That we’re building some pretty cool stuff in this shop. IWEISS is committed to developing this shop and fostering pride for this region., where there is so much great theater happening.

Further information from IWEISS:

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