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Full Compass President Mark Nash Retires After 35 Years

Stage Directions • Changing Roles • July 2, 2020

Since joining Full Compass in 1985 as a national sales representative, Mark Nash has been an integral part of the success at Full Compass. Progressing through different operational departments, Nash created the FDW wholesale division in 1991. To this day, FDW still provides unique services to resellers counting on Full Compass for professional audio, video, and lighting needs. Known as an industry powerhouse for decades, Nash helped grow the company, under the leadership of owners Jonathan and Susan Lipp, into a highly respected and well-known entity.

“Jonathan and I have known of Mark’s intention to retire for a while,” Susan Lipp noted. “Mark and his wife Sharon have been very close friends for 35 years. We have traveled the world with them. We’ve grown up with them. They and their kids have been like family to us. Mark was our son Jeff’s teaching assistant while he was at the University of Wisconsin studying Theater. Jeff said Mark was the best teacher he ever had, so we hired him. He earned every promotion as he earned our trust and love. Mark has been our active partner as the conscience for the company and its character and deserves our deepest respect and thanks for his dedication and wisdom.”

Nash has led the company through many changes and has helped steer its strategic direction. He’s most proud of how the company has always been customer-focused first. Every initiative is looked at from the perspective of how it affects the customer. Given Nash’s roles over the years, he’s been able to instill this philosophy in every area of the company. As Operations Manager, he helped develop customized systems that provided Full Compass with the ultimate in flexibility as they rapidly grew. Through inventory control, purchasing, or shipping, Nash found ways to enhance the speed of business that has served the customers of Full Compass so well.

He was able to leverage his sales knowledge to provide the customer’s internal voice allowing Full Compass to develop continuous improvements and operational efficiencies to stay one step ahead. Additionally, Nash prides himself on the company’s desire to bring new people in and create opportunities to develop important skills as the company has grown. Nash’s career embodies this philosophy, which has benefited employees he has mentored over the decades. He’s most fond of the memories and friends he’s made within the industry while traveling to several continents on sales trips sponsored by EV, Audio Technica, and AKG. The relationships created and nurtured over the years have benefited Full Compass in many ways.

Looking forward, Nash will continue to support grassroots organizations focused on positive political and social change. He’ll enjoy spending time with his wife, children, and grandchildren, chasing trout in the beautiful spring creeks of southwestern Wisconsin and freestone rivers of the Western US. Nash stated, “Many things have changed in the industry over the last thirty-five years. In 1984, it was at a different time with advances in digital recording and signal processing along with the technology of multitrack recording becoming affordable for individuals. These changes presented an opportunity for a company like ours to market products to a large segment of new customers. Today is an unconventional time as well. The needs of our customers to create, communicate, and collaborate are still expanding and will continue to do so. Our efforts are based on a passion and love for what we do. There will always be room for a company that is fervent and personal about its business. Full Compass excels at this and will continue to do so.

“Full Compass is in excellent shape as it transitions forward. Our current Executive team has a combined 80 years of experience at Full Compass and at least 150 years in the industry. If you add the experience of our Directors, Managers, and Supervisors, you are talking about many hundreds of years under their belt. As for my duties, many will transition to Dave Chaimson, the new Full Compass COO who started in January 2020. I am very comfortable leaving these in Dave’s hands. It is apparent to me Dave and I share many of the same values when it comes to taking care of customers and, more importantly, taking care of our employees. He has the advantage of entering into this with many years of outside expertise, coupled with deep industry experience, that will serve the company well.”

Further information from Full Compass:


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