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Meet the Newcomers at Theatre Projects

Stage Directions • Changing Roles • March 4, 2020

Over the past year, Theatre Projects has strengthened its core services, expanded its work in strategic planning, operations, and audiovisual and technology services, and added more team members to its offices in New York, Denver, and New England to better serve its clients.

Lee Nel, Justine Spingler, Chris Holland, and Kayla Prata are all new additions to TPCs New York office in the Flatiron District, Mark Wethington and Maddie Daily are based in Denver, and Nancy Fievre, Kirk Keen, Michael Lindauer, and Jennifer Segal join the TPC team in New England.

TPC General manager, Daniel Ordower, explains how the TPC newcomers bring fresh perspectives to Theatre Projects as it grows. “Each of these new team members challenges us to innovate in the way we deliver intimate, innovative, and vibrant performance spaces for our clients. And their unique backgrounds are perfect additions to our desire to bring dynamic theatrical connections to other markets—museums, sports arenas, corporate, retail, and even healthcare facilities. They’re also a lot of fun.”

Here’s more background and information on each of the Newcomers from TPC:
Most of them are industry veterans, joining us from other design, presenting, and consulting firms. Michael has over 25 years’ experience of designing performance venues and technical entertainment systems for the maritime sector. Maddie’s created audiovisual control systems for cruise ships and major theme parks around the world. Mark has previously designed escape rooms, Lee’s worked in architecture, Chris has been lighting shows for over 15 years, Justine and Jennifer have both managed touring productions, Kirk has over 16 years of theatrical production and event management, Kayla’s managed productions and company resources for multiple New England performing arts companies, and Nancy started her theatre career at college while studying mechanical engineering.

They join our team as strategic planners, building programmers, room designers, technology and integrated systems designers, and as organization, project, and client liaison managers. They also join our team as lovers of music, birdwatching, video games, travel, theatre, chess, home brewing, reading, and hiking. We’ve enjoyed getting to know them, and we hope you will too!

If you’re someone who thinks the magic of Hogwarts would be fun, you should meet project manager, theatre equipment designer, and BIM guru, Kirk. If he could have a superpower, he’d be a powerful sorcerer, like Marvel’s Doctor Strange. But his day-to-day interests are a little less out of this world—he loves chess, his friends’ plays, and a good Netflix binge. And if he didn’t need to sleep, he’d add writing to that list of things he loves to do.

Kayla loves lattes. She has a mug warmer on her desk in New York, just so she can keep sipping hot lattes all day while she’s managing our company operations and resources. And if the caffeine isn’t hitting the spot, books and donuts have also been known to keep her happy. She once managed to dislocate her kneecap in her sleep(!) so that probably explains why her chosen superpower would be teleportation!

Across the room in our New York office, our client services manager, Justine, has three Yeti tumblers on her desk—Kayla likes to call them the three bears…so you could say Justine is our resident Goldilocks! If she won the lottery, she’d invest in a personal jet—but she’s never even owned a car so we should probably convince her to let someone else do the piloting! When travelling, she makes a point of sampling a burger in each country she visits—medium rare, with crispy fries on the side.

If Nancy ever invites you to sing a karaoke duet, her song of choice will be Breaking Free (from High School Musical)—but she’ll want to sing Troy’s part. She’s an equipment drafter who always keeps her fancy graphing calculator nearby, but when she leaves the office, she likes to play video games, learn new languages, and wonder about things like “Who decided one day to just string a bunch of sounds together and call it a word, and then take a whole bunch of those words and turn it into a language?” If you know the answer, please let her know!

Project manager Michael was born in Connecticut, so when he joined our team in New England, it was a homecoming for him. He’s a lover of boats, planes, music, and movies—basically anything that’ll transport him to another world! He’s always loved anything to do with flight, and since he never learned to fly on his own, he’d settle for a ride in an F18 anytime. He also has a 21-year-old cat who feels it’s her duty to meow all night long—maybe she’s trying to tell him she’s up for a ride in a Navy jet too!

Chris is an award-winning sportsman. Truly. Just take a look at the fantasy football trophy on his desk or ask about his team winning second place in a kickball tournament, despite him blowing out his hamstring mid-game. When he’s not cheering on his team (the Kentucky Wildcats), playing golf (poorly), or dreaming of driving a McLaren (at top speed, no doubt), he plays the trombone, lights shows, and designs technical installations in performance spaces. And if the cantina at Mos Eisley spaceport were a real place, he’d be there—drinking bourbon, eating tacos, and looking for adventure!

New York-based theatre designer Lee can’t think of anywhere more breathtaking than her hometown of Cape Town, South Africa—it’s an eclectic city at the base of a mountain and surrounded by the ocean on two sides. So, it’s no surprise she loves the great outdoors—and especially safaris. In fact, she’s adopted an elephant and dreams of owning a house in the middle of a game reserve. In the meantime, she’s working on visiting every continent, including a cruise to Antarctica from South America.

If Mark could visit anywhere in the world, The Hermitage museum and Machu Picchu are at the top of his list. While drafting performance spaces is what keeps him busy at work (he used to design escape game rooms), at home he can be found brewing his own beer. He’s also an aviation enthusiast who’d also love to own a B-25, pilot an A-10 Warthog, and if the Death Star was a real space station, he’d be there in a heartbeat.

When she was growing up, Maddie’s dad used to take her to the local science museum, which sparked her lifelong love of science and exploration. So, when she’s not creating immersive environments through audiovisual and integrated technologies, she’s looking upwards to the skies, planning trips to see the space shuttles she’s not already visited, or wanting to learn more about theoretical physics or astrophysics. She’s also never met a big blanket, a log fire, or a rescue dog that she hasn’t immediately fallen in love with!

Our accounts manager Jennifer is a night owl who loves spending time with her family and being surrounded by nature. And since she can’t experience the natural beauty of planet Pandora from Avatar, she’ll settle for exploring more earthly travel destinations—Yosemite, Thailand, Peru, the Amazon rainforest are all on her bucket list… Let’s hope she saves some space in her suitcase for the rest of us!

Further information from Theatre Projects:

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