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Buildings Go Red for #WeMakeEvents #RedAlert Day Of Action

Stage Directions • Industry News • September 2, 2020

#WeMakeEvents  #RedAlertRESTART Day of Action on Tuesday, September 1, 2020, with more than 2,000 buildings across 75 cities in 41 states and Washington DC were lit in RED to raise public awareness about the severe economic crisis facing the entire live events industry, which has been closed since March and has no idea when events will start happening again. The industry’s goal is to urge Congress to implement the RESTART Act and to support an extension of the $600 FPUC as part of a comprehensive pandemic relief package.

Since March 2020:Since all live events were shut down, millions of people have been impacted in an industry estimated at generating $877-billion in revenue per year (US Bureau Of Economic Analysis).

Figures (Per PLSN Industry Survey)
○Thousands of events have been cancelled
○77% of the people in our industry have lost 100% of their income
○96% of companies have cut staff
○97% of 1099 workers have lost their jobs

As Michael Strickland stated: “Remember, tonight is just the start. The next step is to answer all the call to actions in the next two weeks. We all must e-mail and contact our Senators and Congresspeople every time we are asked. The weight of what we do is in the sheer volume of communication.

Here is what we must do now:

  1. Assure that RESTART language is inserted into the next relief bill.
  2. Assure that Enhanced Unemployment Insurance is included at $600 per week.
  3. Assure that our legislators do indeed pass another relief bill in September.

Those are our goals and they are very simple. Moving ahead, please answer every Call to Action from NAMM as well as other related organizations. A rising tide floats all boats. There is a lot of work to do in the next two weeks, and we will need the assistance of everyone one of you.”

What to Do NOW:
Go to next step and letters to submit congress
Go to www.wemakeevents.orgto submit letters to congress

Also NAMM offers a letter generator to congress available here:



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