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City Theatrical | Lighting Renovation at Peery’s Egyptian Theater in Ogden, Utah

Stage Directions • Industry News • April 6, 2021

Peery’s Egyptian Theater is an historic, architectural jewel in the heart of Ogden, UT. This 830-seat theater, built in 1924 accommodates live theater, dance, choral, symphonic, and multimedia performances as well as film. Peery’s Egyptian Theater is also a screening venue for the Sundance Film Festival. The Peery recently upgraded its lighting system with Barbizon Light of the Rockies out of Denver, CO with lead systems integrator, Braden Howard. The Barbizon team employed a number of City Theatrical, Inc. lighting products in the renovation. Here’s a video overview of the project from City Theatrical:

As part of a lighting renovation project at Peery’s Egyptian Theater, the design and installation teams were looking to install a reliable wireless DMX system that would allow them to add DMX controllable fixtures, like LED Tape, in otherwise impossible locations in the theatre, like faux windows and grills. They wanted those new fixtures and LED tapes to be similarly lit to the theater’s original color accent system but provide brighter light and more color control.

“The QolorFLEX 5×2.5A Multiverse Dimmers work well together and have an incredible response time to commands from our control consoles,” says Hayden Wadsworth, Theater Technical Lead, Peery’s Egyptian Theater. “The QolorFLEX 5-in-1 LED Tape is great and has a powerful red and amber color. We are excited to bring this forward to our future shows and the capabilities we will have with this system of light.”

Wadsworth continued with his explanation, “QolorFLEX 5×2.5A Multiverse Dimmers were chosen due to the nature of utilizing a system of components that are cohesive and known to work well together. Our prior experience using City Theatrical’s wireless devices, like SHoW Baby and now Multiverse Transmitter, has shown reliability and responsive wireless DMX.”

Learn how they used 23 QolorFLEX® 5×2.5A Multiverse® Dimmers (P/N 5942), eight reels of QolorFLEX 5-in-1 RGBACW LED Tape, one Multiverse Transmitter (P/N 5910), and a custom made harness to realize their vision at the theater in the case study below.

Further information from City Theatrical, Inc.:

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