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Equipson Gives LightShark Products Its Own Brand Identity

Stage Directions • Industry News • June 1, 2021

(L-R) Chema Magraner, sales LightShark, Alejo Cervera, Product Manager LightShark, Juan José CSO Equipson at the Equipson booth ISE Barcelona 2021 with the LightShark range of products.

LightShark, Equipson’s Award winning range of multiprotocol control products for the entertainment industry, are being given its own brand identity to reflect its growing popularity and the impact it’s making on the entertainment industry.

Since launching in 2017, LightShark has delivered intermediate level products that are not limited by their features. With LightShark, hardware and software control of up to eight DMX universes and 4,000+ DMX channels is completely integrated via smartphones and tablets, while full compatibility with other manufacturer’s equipment is assured because the products work with industry-standard DMX and Art-Net lighting protocols, as well as any Operating System (Android, Linux, Windows, and macOS).

The top view of the newly branded LightShark LS-1 console

Incredibly easy to use and with a great price performance ratio, the range includes three products – the LS-1, which includes a hardware console with assignable faders and rotary controls, the more affordable LS-Core that has the same lighting control software and processing hardware but without the console, and the LS-Wing, an Open Sound Control (OSC) hardware controller that can be configured in three different modes to suit different applications.

Equipson originally included LightShark in its internationally renowned WORKPRO range, which features a wide variety of products aimed at the installation and live sound markets. But as the Lightshark products have evolved, the company has decided to make this a stand-alone brand with its own division, which involves a product development, sales, and marketing team.

“LightShark products are so different from any of our other product lines that they require an individual approach to R&D, sales and marketing,” says Juan Jose Vila, CSO of Equipson. “The range has become incredibly popular – to the extent that customers are already recognizing it as a separate brand – so this move is a natural progression that makes the public acceptance official and gives the range its own identity within the company. From now on, LightShark will have different verticals that are attuned to the market’s specialized needs and an entirely separate staff who will be responsible for all aspects of its ongoing success.”

The LightShark range now includes a powerful new FX engine that allow users to create and synchronize effects on multiple parameters and position fixtures on a grid so that the engine can automatically apply effects at the right point in relation to these fixtures.

Alejo Cervera, product manager of LightShark, says: “Spectacular lighting can make all the difference to the success of a show or an event, so we wanted to ensure that LightShark users had the right tools available to achieve all their creative ambitions. Our new FX engine certainly delivers this ambition.”

Juan Jose Vila adds: “We have a clear roadmap of developments for the future, which will increase LightShark’s range and bring new and even more innovative control products to market. It is a very exciting time for the company, and we are looking forward to building on the incredible success this range has already had.”

Vila adds that LightShark will now have its own website where full information is available, along with tutorials and end user case studies highlighting the versatility of this innovative control hardware range.

And in addition, with this new website portal there is a full renovated LS-Cloud site with a new community membership site for LightShark consoles owners, with private training events, membership benefits, beta tester programs, feature requests, discussion forums, and much more.

For more information from LightShark:

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