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ETC Webinar Replay: Hamilton Lighting Design Discussion, with Howell Binkley & Team Lighting

Michael Eddy • Industry News • July 10, 2020


Can’t get enough Hamilton? ETC hosted a webinar with the Tony Award®-winning lighting team from the Broadway’s Hamilton on Thursday, July 9. Here is the video of that round-table discussion with the Hamilton lighting team so you can watch it for yourselves:

In this hour and three-quarters roundtable webinar, they discussed designing, producing, and touring the show. The round table included: Lighting Designer Howell Binkley, Associate LD Ryan O’Gara, Assistant LD Amanda Zieve, and programmer David Arch. They discussed some of the secrets of the design, hear some stories, discussed the new Hamilton Programming Project, and cover audience questions. Join them for a lively discussion on lighting one of the world’s favorite shows.

A rendering from the Hamilton Programming Project

Learn more about the Hamilton Programming Project


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