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Fuquay-Varina Performing Arts Center Upgrades with Fulcrum Acoustic

Stage Directions • Industry News • November 3, 2020

The Fuquay-Varina Performing Arts Center in Fuquay-Varina, NC selected Fulcrum Acoustic CX and DX series products for their new sound system after a demo by Quest Marketing, Fulcrum’s sales representative for the area. “The new Fulcrum system provides remarkable clarity and fidelity,” says Dave Wright, the Technical Director of the theater. “The extended frequency response and seat-to-seat consistency gave me a great canvas to work with. I’m confident I could hand this system to any touring engineer and they would have everything they need.” The entire project was completed within one month of the demo.The Fuquay-Varina Performing Arts Center features an intimate theater, dance studios, and art galleries. The theater is a rectangular 294 seat intimate space with tiered seating.

Despite thoughtful acoustic treatment in the theater design, their original sound system struggled with clarity and uniformity of coverage when it first opened in 2019.

The new system was designed and installed by Provision AVS. John Linden with Provision AVS deployed two DX1595 Dual 15″ Coaxial Loudspeakers for the main left and right coverage in the theater. The coaxial transducer coupled with the traditional low frequency transducer in the DX15 supplied the full frequency range Linden was looking for coming from the sides. “We liked how big and full it sounded,” says Linden. “The coverage of the DX15s fit really well in the room. The DX15s, coupled with the CS Subwoofer, provided solid, extended bass for concerts and musical theater.”

Linden flew a CCX1295 Coaxial Cardioid Loudspeaker in the center above the stage to fill the center coverage. A CX896 was flown directly underneath the CCX12 and pointed straight down to provide down fill to the first few rows.

A single CS121 Subcardioid Subwoofer was flown behind the CCX and CX loudspeakers in the center of the stage. The center CCX12 and CS121 Subwoofer incorporate Fulcrum Acoustic’s Passive Cardioid Technology™. Passive Cardioid Technology reduces the rear low frequency radiation that would otherwise fill the stage, resulting in feedback and degrading clarity for the audience.

Fulcrum Products
(2) DX15 – Dual 15” Coaxial Loudspeaker
(1) CCX12 – 12” Coaxial Cardioid Loudspeaker
(1) CX8 – Compact 8” Coaxial Loudspeaker
(1) CS121 21″ Subcardioid Subwoofer

Supporting Products
Powersoft Amplifiers

Further information from Fulcrum Acoustic:

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