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How Will Your Life Change if Congress Cuts Your Jobless Benefits? | NY Times Survey

Stage Directions • Industry News • July 17, 2020

Journalists from the New York Times are currently conducting a survey to assess how losing the extended jobless benefits would affect you. The article, and the associated survey, are not behind a paywall. If you are unemployed, we suggest you fill it out and share it widely, please.

From the NY Times:

“On July 26, an unemployment insurance benefits program providing an extra $600 per week to more than 30 million jobless Americans will expire.”

“This $600 supplement, approved by Congress in March, tops off whatever weekly benefits laid-off workers receive from their state government (which don’t fully replace their wages). Mainstream economists have described the program as a critical support for both eligible families and the struggling economy at large.”

“There is now a standoff between Democrats and Republicans in Congress over what the federal government should do next. Generally, Democrats want to extend the supplement while Republicans support eliminating or substantially decreasing the benefit, with the assumption that doing so will encourage people to return to work.”

Read the article and take the survey


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