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IATSE News | Implements “Zero Tolerance Measures” Regarding COVID-19 Safety Protocols

Stage Directions • Industry News • September 23, 2020

September 23, 2020—IATSE has implemented “zero tolerance measures for members who fail to follow strict COVID-19 safety protocols in workplaces. It’s the first entertainment industry union to warn its members that they could be disciplined or fired if they don’t adhere to the protocols in accordance with the IATSE constitution. Here is the full statement from IATSE International President, Matthew D. Loeb:

As our temporarily slowed economy has begun to reopen, we must continue to recognize the severity of the COVID-19 crisis and the lethality of this contagion. In recognition of the newly emerging coronavirus cases linked to certain reopened businesses, facilities, and other institutions, we must strive for safety in our workplaces. There is no room for error. We know now that stringent practices can minimize the risks of outbreaks, which have forced repeated or continued closures in some regions and sectors. We know first-hand the economic devastation caused by COVID-19. The IATSE has never experienced a near total shutdown of all of our industries at one time. Therefore, we must do everything we can to avoid any further closures of our industries.

In accordance with Article Seven, Section 14 of the IATSE International Constitution, I am issuing the following directive:

With regard to members working under IATSE International and/or IATSE local union collective bargaining agreements, members must comply with COVID-19 protocols and guidelines, including mask-wearing; proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE); adherence to hand washing and social distancing; and all other appropriate protective measures aimed at stopping the spread of the disease.

Failing to follow all COVID-19 safety guidelines is conduct unbecoming, amongst other violations, and may subject members to discipline pursuant to Article Sixteen of the IATSE Constitution as well as termination from work by your employer.

The IATSE International does not take these actions lightly. Recognizing the life-threatening health and economic crises posed by COVID-19 and the singularly unprecedented impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the IATSE International, our members, and our families, we take these extreme, zero tolerance, measures to protect the safety of members and all workers under IATSE and/or IATSE local union collective bargaining agreements.

In solidarity,
Matthew D. Loeb
IATSE International President


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