LDI 2019 Show Report from Nook Schoenfeld

Nook Schoenfeld • Industry News • December 4, 2019
Blizzard played Celebrity Jeopardy in their LDI booth

Blizzard played Celebrity Jeopardy in their LDI booth

Nook Schoenfeld, the Editor-in-Chief of PLSN magazine wrote this great show report on what he saw at LDI 2019. Enjoy his musings and photos from the show!

My favorite place to stop and take a break was at the Dot Image booth. This Japanese company had a customized circular truss system that had a wide variety of LED twinkling products going up and down on a set of kinetic winches. There were Saturn-type rings with gyroscope-looking activity, chandeliers of stunning imagery bounced in formation everywhere with so many light sources. I don’t think I ever saw the same thing twice.

Lighting product-wise, myself — and everyone passing the Robe booth — thought, ‘Great just what the world needs, another tilting batten.’ Then they demonstrated the flower effect from the same batten. ‘Game over, you win,’ we responded. With most of the multi-cell LED lights on the floor all doing the same thing, it was pleasant to see the SolaPix at the High End booth. They have illuminated the edges of each cell and this just brings me joy as it’s different and cool. The Claypaky Xtylos had some great saturated colors in a fast beam fixture sourced by lasers.

Effects-wise, I was most impressed with the new bubble machine from Froggy’s Fog. Their Fobbles (smoke filled bubbles) are always a hit, and now you can fill an arena with bubbles without having to spec 20 machines for that one effect.

AC Lighting

AC Lighting
They were showing off the Prolights selection of automated fixtures as well as their lines of Lumen Radios, Luminex and Prolyte Group products were also represented. The Follow-Me automated spotlight system is distributed by them as well. Avenger photography and video light control and accessories were also shown.

ACT Lighting

ACT Lighting
The popular company had lines of people viewing the much awaited grandMA3 software as well as the new Zaktrak smart system, a fully 3d mapping tracking system. Also on display were LEX products, MDG foggers, AC Power Pro gear and the Chainmaster line of hoists.

Adam Hall Group and Cameo Lighting

Adam Hall Group
Their Cameo Lighting brand was on hand with a wide variety of fixtures and an excellent dance routine by a woman in a reflective dress. New products include the OPUS series of hard edge movers and the EVOS wash line.


They have added the Hydro Wash 19 to their line of IP65-rated fixtures. The Vizi Beam 12 RX now features a 260W discharge lamp. Video wise, they are releasing the new Vision Series featuring top and bottom magnets for quick alignment and setup/deployment.

Altman Lighting

Altman Lighting
The Siren Series is new. This includes two follow spots with LED light sources. The AFS 700 features a 700 watt white LED engine for longer throws. The short throw AFS 500 is the smaller model. Both are DMX or manually controlled. Also shown was the AP-150 PAR with RGBW LEDs.


From fog machines to FX works — this year they offered a new retail brand for low end markets. Stripped-down models that don’t offer all the bells and whistles, but still built strong. They offer the FXW-Faze model as well as two foggers, the FXW1000 and FXW 80 models.

Area Four Industries

Area Four industries
With a powerful presentation of truss from JTE, Tomcat, Litec, and Milos they have all the truss one could need. Add in the Mobiltechlifts for ground lifting and the EXE line of smart chain hoists and they can rig anything, anywhere.


The makers of wireless battery operated light fixtures were showing off their award-winning Helios tubes, complete with handheld options. Road cases complete with Titans and all of their nifty accessories were on display.

AV Stumpfl

AV Stumpfl
The Pixera media server boasts professional playback, media composting and 3D projection mapping abilities. Their lines of projection screens keep getting smarter with mobile clip on screens, roll up models, fixed frames and any custom made curved, green screen and more.


The supplier of high quality lights brought their latest moving yoke fixtures to the booth. The Huracan-X packs a wallop with 50,000 lumens of hard edge power. The Shamal — LT is a 1000W Beam/Wash LED that can run in a choice of modes for true color versus brightness.

Barbizon Lighting

Barbizon Lighting
Barbizon Lighting showed why you can depend on any of their 14 worldwide locations to grab any theatrical expendables you need. Folks were manning the booth to talk to you about your rigging, drapery, special effects, counter rigging, control and lighting installation needs.


My favorite two new fun toys on the floor were the Stroboto — an eight-celled rectangular strobe unit with colored cells backing the white strobe, and the Lux Capacitor — a retro-looking blinder with three 60W 2200K LEDs on the face and 48 .5W RGB LEDs around it.

Brompton Technology

Brompton Technology
The king of LED processing showed their wares. The SX40 LED provides a cost-effective and powerful system, which has become the standard for LED processing in rental and touring. The Tessera S4, also featured, is designed to drive large LED walls.

Cast Software

Cast Software
This trend-setting pioneer of all many visual tools was on hand to demonstrate the Blacktrax system live. Celebrating their 25th year since they released WYSIWYG, the company has grown to include other products such as Vivien and CONVRG.


It was a busy year for these console manufacturers as their line of QuickQ consoles offered three models that are all easy to learn quickly. The new flagship console, called the 500, garnered great reviews by everyone who got a chance to play with it.

Chauvet Professional

Chauvet Professional
They upped their line of video products, adding in the F2 hi res model and the F5 IP for inclement weather. The Strike Saber is a blinding 10-cell linear batten, while the Ovation Cyc 1 FC offers six colors to mix and a retractable guide shield with great foot light potential.

Chroma-Q Vista

They were showing off their new line of EX Consoles from Vista as well Vista training sessions. New products included the Studio Force onebytwo, a smaller version of their soft light. www.chroma-q.com

City Theatrical

City Theatrical
Their QolorFLEX system of LED tape has proven to be the master in our business, and the NuNeon takes LED style Rope Light to the next level. Their Multiverse SHoW Baby plug-and-play transceivers set the standard for ease of use and reliability with DMX.


The most talked-about light at LDI was the Xtylos, a moving beam fixture with a unique light source — red, green and blue lasers, producing unbelievable color saturation. Also shown was the ReflectXion, a two-sided moving mirror, and the Sharpy Plus/Sharpy Plus Aqua models.

Columbus McKinnon

The folks at Columbus McKinnon are still plugging away and offering motors and chain hoists of all types. From the classic Lodestar to the Showpro and Prostar lines they offer hoists, trolleys, clamps and rigging for all your needs.

Creative Conners

Creative Conners
Not resting on their laurels as one of the premier companies in stage motion technology, they have released the Spotline Mini Hoist. This medium sized lift fits a niche in the market with a scaled down, yet ultra-reliable version of the Spotline hoist.


The folks from Dataton were on hand to show us their Watchout media server with 3D motion tracking. With the aid of some cameras and four Epson 1500 Laser projectors, imagery was projected on a revolving 3D structure with infinite edges capturing the content.

Doug Fleenor Design

Doug Fleenor Design
Dr. DMX showed off his digital DMX roulette wheel this year. New this year, Fleenor offers and Entry Station with two Ethernet lines, a two-button system. They now offer a groundbreaking 16-universe Ethernet-DMX converter, adding to the one, two and four universe models.

Duratruss/Global Truss

Duratruss/Global Truss
On hand to show off their range of ground supported truss shapes, perfect for erecting trade show booths, live functions, store windows and so much more — “archi-tainment” truss that is pleasing to the eye.

Eilon Engineering

Eilon Engineering showed off their range of load cells. The new Ron StageMaster 8000 Hoist Load Cell turns any hoist into a smart hoist, allowing for greater motion control, safer handling of complex loads and advanced data acquisition. It’s available in a donut or a hook hoist configuration.

Elation Professional

Five new models help compliment their lines of fixtures. The Artiste Mondrian is a nice wash to partner with the Artiste Monet. The Artiste Rembrandt, Fuse SFX, Fuse Wash FR, and the Proteus Lucius (a powerful compact LED profile with an IP65 rating) were also introduced.


They had a lot to show, starting with their Every Stage demo that showed off their motion control devices. The Eos v3 offers up a 3D programming environment. The ArcSystem family of LED house lights added the new Pro One-Cell High Output luminaire, packing more than 8,000 lumens.

Froggys Fog

Froggy’s Fog
Their smoke filled bubbles (Fobbles) are always a hit at trade shows, but with the new Fobbles F8 model, they offer a four-bubble nozzle that spits out plenty of bubbles at an unheralded rate. The Poseidon Aqua low lying fog works with no cooler whatsoever.

Gamma LED Vision

Gamma LED Vision
For 20 years, this company has been making quality LED gear, including displays, moving heads, battens, truss and special effects. Popular this year is their line of LED pars that include battery operated, wireless models as well as an IP 65 range.


German Light Products
With an amazing light show back by an incredible bar, this company celebrated 25 years in style with the release of the FR10, a larger batten with individual zoom on each cell. The Highlander looks to be the discharge wash light many LDs have been looking for.


The X Pro Series features a classic 16:9 cabinet all in one design that supports front and rear access. Three models offer a pixel pitch under 2mm. Anti-collision design protects tiles. The Curface models offered perfect tile curvature in convex and concave shapes.

Harlequin Floors

Harlequin Floors
The leader of sprung performance floors was on hand to show us their lines of permanent and portable sprung floors for dance stages and workplaces where people are on their feet all day. The new Flexity line of self-install tiles go together easily for a good floor system.

High End Systems

High End Systems
The TurboRay combines a retro look with modern technology to wow every camera out there. The SolaPix puts a new slant on the honeycomb LED faced wash light with innovative architectural coloring of the cells. The SolaHyBeam 3000 is a hybrid with a punch.

I.A.T.S.E. Local 1 with its ubiquitous yo-yo

IATSE Local One
Several locals of the nation’s most talented union of theatrical workers were on hand to talk about how they can help with the production of any event, whether live concerts, sporting events or filmed shows.


New on the floor this year was the HR Series, ART Series and EZ Series. As a touring version of AR series, the ART offers stacking carts and removable ladders. The EZ series offers both High-definition and efficiency, designed specifically for light and quick set-up experience.

Inoage/Madrix/Inner Circle Distribution

Inoage/Inner Circle Distribution
They were there in full force showing and training people on the Madrix system of pixel management. New this year was their Minuit One light Fixture and a new line of smoke machines called The Smoke Factory.


This master of drapery, rigging equipment, and automation was on hand to discuss past projects and show everything they can do for your show or installation. Tension grids, pipe grids, custom track and automated services, stage supplies are all part of their job description.


The special effects company showed off their wide range of smoke and fire devices, including the new wireless version of the SQP flame machine. Holding four cans of natural gas, red, or green, these fixtures can run on battery or AC and receive a wireless signal.

This manufacturer of LED displays showed us the new RE Series, which features a fine-pitch Curvable Rental line. The 2.6mm to 4.8mm models are designed for user-friendly usage promising low maintenance, an anti-damage design with patented corner protection and curvable latches.

The Mokry family and friends were on hand to inform you that they can fix anything and have the parts to prove it. From smoked power supplies to PCBs to every little motor one needs to keep their moving lights in order, they have what you need.

For 2019, Lightronics was showing the FXLE3030W-LED. With a 3000° warm-white LED array for an engine, this ellipsoidal is brighter than a 750W Halogen bulb unit. With a sliding yoke and custom T-handle locking mechanism, this light easily balances with 19-50° lens attached.

Link USA showed off their array of cables and connectors for every stage device. Their PDLink series is the next generation of power and signal distribution, offering the user one cable to connect power and data to devices. It includes web-based monitoring and remote control options.

Look Solutions
From their small and efficient series (think handheld) to their Cryo Gate low lying fog, this company offers every type of smoke, haze and fog one could ask for. The ORCA gives out a cryo type blast that that was long and wide, like nothing I have ever seen.

Luxium Lighting
The company that brought us the Zobo, Ziba, and Zigi light fixtures introduced the TR80 this year. This standalone recessed light fixture also serves as an LED substitute for the Par 64 or Par 56 tungsten bulbs.

Martin by Harman
Martin Lights is back in a big way. New is the ERA line of moving LED profiles. They are offering three different models that gain in size, lumens and attributes as one ranges from the compact ERA 400 to the ERA 600 Performance to the 800.

Master FX introduced the Atlas, which can shoot 50’ plumes of smoke without any outboard CO2 attached. Featuring dual pumps for ultimate power and 30 x 10watt RGBAW LEDs to colorize the effect. Also featured was the Electric FX Cannon for shooting confetti and streamers.

Mega-Systems Inc.
This year, they offered several sizes of the Circa Scoop line of fixtures. New to the booth was the line of prototypes for the ORBlite. Different sized models contain three to seven concentric rings of LEDs that can chase in hypnotic ways or pack a par punch.

The VX6 is a video controller is an all in one video controller that has six-gigabit Ethernet outputs. The NovaPro UHD Jf offers a real 4K all-in-one controller. The MCTRL660 Pro is an LED controller with high image quality, low latency and full features for the rental market.

Osram is celebrating 50 years of making HMI metal halide discharge bulbs. Staying at the top of their game, this company designed the new laser light source for the Claypaky Xtylos. The LuxiGen LED Engin, Traxon Technologies architectural line and Kreios line of flood lights have proven popular.

New this year was the Beambrush scanning effect that goes inside the laser. This allows the laser to audience-scan and change its divergence in real time. The Atom 30 Watt now offers RGBB with a cyan color added. Kinetic tracking lets lasers follow moving objects.

Pathway Connectivity showed off their family of architainment controllers including the NSB, (Network Sliders and Buttons), a system of wall mounted controllers with the Choreo platform. They also offer SixEye’s cloud-based technology for remote management of control devices.

Production Resource Group was on hand giving seminars by such people as Chris Conti on what this one-stop shop can provide anyone for their gig.

This company is making a stand in North America. New products in 2019 include the PixieWashXB, which reinvents the traditional wash light. The Eclipse FS profile (full color ellipsoidal) and Jet Spot4Z have been garnering great reviews.

This truss manufacturer is still going strong and producing their widely known line of Verto Truss. They also had other products such as their self-climbing ground support tower system on display.

New this year was the Esprite fixture, which comes complete with a 650W WTE (white transferable LED engine) that counts hours, fixtures it’s been in and more. The Tetra batten features 18 cells that are capable of producing their patented multi-colored flower effects.

ROE Visual
The Black Marble Floor stepped it up by adding a new interactive version called the BM5. The Vanish line also developed a touring version called the 8T, a weatherproof outdoor solution. ROE was proud to show their support this year, now offering a 24/7 hotline to solve any issues anywhere in the world.

Rose Brand
Rose Brand, known for draperies from screen scrims to black velour and all the necessary tracks and kabuki systems to hold them, introduced the ADC T-Lift 2.0 Automated Curtain. Designed for easy use, it can lift any curtain as if it were an Austrian Drape.

The masters of rigid chain technology were on hand to show their various devices designed to elevate and move scenery on stage. Whether it’s a moving set piece, a lift that’s needed or reconfiguring audience seating at a venue, they have you covered.

SGM showed the weatherproof BeaSt. This hybrid featuring a 12-inch wide reflector and a collimated beam that can split into three parts. On center is a four-part white strobe with 50,000+ lumens running at 60 Hz. The beam turns into a cone gobo when collimated outwards, retaining its intensity.

Stageline was on hand to show what they are capable of delivering with their expanding line of mobile stages. New is the Stageline 450, a mid-level sized stage with lifting capabilities previously unheard of. The Mobile Space is a new product one should check out.

Staging Concepts
One of the world leaders in staging showed off their riser platforms, including the SC 9600 bridge support system. New this year is their new line of chairs. They are partnering with Series seating, offering innovative theater chairs for performance venues.

Swisson showed the latest devices for data distribution, dimming, control and testing. New this year is the fact that their Ethernet DMX nodes now have DMX-In capabilities. The XES-2T6 premanaged Gigabit Ethernet Switcher allows for fast and easy setups of advanced network installations.

These two experts in navigating motion through show control were both on hand to show what projects are featuring their products this year.

This LED display company was showing their Wafer Breeze line with a flying cube shaped structure made of 3.2 mm LED. The Vapor Glare 3.9 mm model is good for outdoor use and comes in triangles and circular shapes too. They are also geared to meet custom needs.

Their Totem 2.5mm LED Displays were ground supported at the booth. Their line of xVision video converter boxes are handy, with models handling conversions from SDI to fiber, HDMI, SDI and more. Their lines of distros for motion control and load cells were shown.

TMB was on hand to show off their Palm tree made of lights. Also show was their Solaris line of fixtures, their varieties of pixel tape including Floppy Flex. Their line of Pro Power cables, Firefly products, and hundreds of nifty doodads for theatrical use were on display.

The maker of the popular 2.5 mm iPoster LED has stepped up their offering with the LED-TV Discovery II 1080p 1.5 Pixel Pitch LED Display. This fine pitch LED display features hi-def and an ultra-wide viewing angle, ideal for indoor close viewing in boardrooms.

Tyler Truss
This Indiana truss company was on hand to show visitors what they can provide to a tour or event. From their GT line of pre-rigged truss to their Centerline and video-modeled truss to their stackable 12-inch truss, they have every truss a visitor might need.

On display was the new Eclipse Box, a low-lying fog and effects generator. This unit features a rugged case suitable for taking on location to exotic film shoots as well as long rides in a semi truck. A 600 CFM variable-speed fan delivers thick billowing fog, and works with a G3000.

New on the floor this year was the Upad IV, which adds a new magnesium level of protection along the bottom to prevent breakage when mishandled. New shapes have been added to their 2.6mm product line, including triangle and quarter-circles.

Ushio/Zylight showed off their Spotlight models, starting with the Takumi 2000A, a 2K Xenon discharge lamp. Also featured this year: the 440 LED Spot for mid throw distances and the SAI, which features a short-to-medium throw 230W LED version.

On the heels of the introduction of their large-format VL6500 Wash comes the VL5 LED. With the same retro look, the fixture now has a 13,000-lumen output and every color conceivable. The 28,000-lumen VL10 BeamWash and VL800 series of new compact fixtures were also shown.

Wenger & JR Clancy
These companies showed off their limitless motion control with stage engineering and rigging. On display was Clancy’s Titan hoist, which can move scenery rapidly at 650 fpm. Wenger, which showed their staging, seating and acoustic baffle options, also offers custom solutions.

Their cyclone cases with the interior and exterior lighting include collapsible doors you can’t misplace. Their new PL-PM1RJK1 Power Meter for New Distribution System features a rackmount unit that includes remote monitoring through Ethernet LAN and via the Internet.

WorkPro/Equipson was on hand to show off the LightShark lighting console and its new wing. In an adjacent booth, they showed all the ground support “Lifters” they have available.

Yes Tech
These manufacturers of fine LED displays showed off their Magic Stage Series featuring the MG7S P3.9 Pro. This product covers 80 percent of most rental needs with an IP65 front, flexibility to curve, light weight, anti-collision design and black encapsulation.

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