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LIVE AID TOO: A Message from Bandit Lites’ Michael T. Strickland

Stage Directions • Industry News • September 28, 2020

For over 100 years, when the world needs help, who do they turn to? The Live Event Industry. Whether it be for making the world aware of a need or to raise money, the Live Event Industry has always jumped to the forefront and delivered.

George Harrisons Concert for Bangladesh             Farm Aid
Live Aid                                                                          “We Are The World”
“Do they Know that it’s Christmas”                           A Concert for Life
The Tibetan Freedom Concert                                  The Concert For New York
America: A Tribute to Heroes                                    4664 – Nelson Mandela Tribute
Tsunami Aid: A Concert For Hope                            Katrina- A Concert For Hurricane Relief
Live Earth- Combat Climate Change                        Stand Up For Cancer
Hope For Haiti Now                                                    12.12.12: The Concert For Sandy Relief
One Love Manchester
Shelter From The Storm- A Concert For The Gulf Coast

There have been many, many more great events, but these are the most well-known. The Live Event Industry has always been there in times of need. Not unlike the Red Cross, the Live Event Industry shows up every time we are asked and provides artists, stages, lights, sound, video, lasers, pyro, crew, venues, catering, staging, busses, trucks, and support to raise awareness, money, and love. We always work for free to enable all of the money raised benefits those in need. We give greatly of ourselves and our companies each time, no questions asked.

We make it possible for those hurting and in need to survive.
We will do it the next time and every time we are asked. It is who we are.

But now, as we have been shut down since March 13, 2020 and will be until March 2021, we are the ones in dire need. We have not worked at all in six months and will not work for another six months. Imagine that if you will. Look at your life with no income for a year. How would you survive?

We are an $877-billion-dollar industry with over 10 million people, and we are 100% shut down. We are not the stars, but we are the 10 million people behind the scenes. Many of the companies we worked for are gone. More go under every day. Something must be done now.

The Live Event Industry has been pushing to pass the RESTART Act for months. Most national media have not carried our story and we are unsure why. We pray they carry this story. The RESTART Act as part of the next relief bill is the only thing that will save all of the Live Events Industry. No other Act will save us all.

If the RESTART Act is not passed by October first, over 70% of our industry will face extinction. That means when you want a concert, movie, play, trade show, conference, special event, wedding, birthday party and all of the other events that make our lives great, most of us will simply not be there to deliver a service for you. Our companies will be bankrupt and our people in other industries.

The Live Event Industry is begging the Congress, the media, and you the people to realize we are here and in need. We love what we do, and we love all of you that make our lives possible. Please help us. Time is short, we only have this week. Please pass RESTART. It is time the Live Event Industry has some Live Aid Too.

Thank you.
Michael T. Strickland

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