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OSRAM: Product Recall for PAR46, PAR56, and PAR64 Lamps

Michael Eddy • Industry News • April 11, 2019

A Product Recall has been announced by OSRAM for certain PAR46, PAR56 & PAR64 lamps. The recalled lamps are sealed beam Tungsten Halogen quartz and Incandescent lamps consisting of a parabolic glass reflector & front lens. The lens diameter is 6” (PAR46), 7” (PAR56), or 8” (PAR64) in diameter. The words “Made in China” are printed on a black & white label affixed to both the single box and the case package. The lamps defined here also say Made in China on the back of the lamp reflector as shown in the image below. The part numbers listed below do not appear on the lamps themselves, but appear on the box labels. It should be noted that only lamps with these part #s that additionally say “Made in China” are part of this recall.

Date of Manufacture: November 2016 – November 2018

Part #


14974 350W PAR56 SP 75V
55159 500W PAR64 MFL 120V
55160 500W PAR64 WFL 120V
55161 500W PAR64 NSP 120V
55162 300W PAR56 MFL 130V
55163 300W PAR56 NSP 120V
55164 300W PAR56 MFL 120V
55165 300W PAR56 WFL 120V

Part #


55166 200W PAR56 30V
55167 200W PAR56 MFL 120V
55169 200W PAR46 MFL 120V
56214 1000W PAR64 VNSP FFN 120V
56215 1000W PAR64 NSP FFP 120V
56216 1000W PAR64 WFL FFS 120V
56217 1000W PAR64 MFL FFR 120V

All of the reports are related to Large PAR lamps above sourced from a specific supplier. After evaluating lamps of various wattages and date codes from this supplier, we could not isolate the identified risks to a specific product type or date code. We are therefore initiating a recall of all Large PAR lamps sourced from this supplier since November 2016.

You should immediately stop using the lamps, remove them from the fixture, and follow instructions within this document on page 3 entitled LARGE PAR RECALL RETURN FORM AND DIRECTIONS to arrange for their return to OSRAM.

All inventory of the recalled products should be returned to OSRAM. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you a suitable replacement for these products, so instead you will be reimbursed for the price you paid to purchase the product, within reason.

We sincerely apologize for this development. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at 1-855-865-9271 or email

OSRAM PAR Lamps Made in China

Below is an example of the ink etching on each lamp, located on the top of the reflector (the back side of the lamp). The Manufacturing location appears in the 2nd row. Recalled Products will only say Made in China.
OSRAM PAR ETCH Made in China

Box Labels

Recalled Product Label Identifiers:
OSRAM Case Labels PAR Lamp Recall

Further information from OSRAM:

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