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PLSN Lauds 2019 Gold Star Award Winners

Stage Directions • Industry News • November 26, 2019

Every year, the staff at PLSN checks out every new product that has to do with the live event industry and beyond, including lighting, video, rigging, and related tools that make live events and shows look their best. Here are the two-dozen-plus products awarded with Gold Star plaques at the recent LDI show in Las Vegas.


AC Lighting Luminex LumiNodes

Best Data Distribution System

Terry Lowe and Benjamin Wahiche from Luminex

A.C. Lighting and the Luminex LumiNode
Luminex’ latest data distribution boxes range from a single port model to the LumiNode 12, which has up to 16 processing engines and 12 DMX ports. The LumiNode has an innovative new interface, it can merge up to four input sources. It handles all current protocols, anticipates future protocols and can adapt to any network infrastructure. They strongly believe that the future of most connections will be done via an Ethernet network.

ADJ Hydro Series

Best Range of Waterproof Fixtures

Terry Lowe and Alfred Gonzales

ADJ Hydro Series
ADJ is leading the pack with their range of IP65 range moving lights that are guaranteed to work in some of the toughest environments. Now offering ten different models including moving beam fixtures, a moving wash light, pars (including a UV model) a batten, and an LED Panel. All of these are perfect for lighting outdoor nightclub areas and protecting your gear on any event.

Applied Truss and Electronics curved video wall truss

Best Video Truss Product

Applied Truss and Electronics Video Wall Truss
With truss now purposely being designed to hang heavy LED displays on center, we had been waiting for someone to offer a curved model. (VWT) is designed for hanging 500mm LED video wall tiles. They now offer a curved model to go with their straight sections. The tiles butt together for a very clean hang. LED hanging hardware tucks into the truss for a clean look.

Astera Helios Tubes

Best TV Lighting Fixture

Jesper Sørensen, David Ganske and Sebastian Bückle

Astera Helios Tube
Not resting on their laurels, Astera now offers the Helios model. The super-convenient IP65 rated Helios has 8 pixels and is half the size with half the battery weight of the Titan Tube, but with the same high CRI and TCLI of 96, for excellent skin tones and detail. DP’s are turning to it for a great source of handheld light on video shoots. A custom handheld handle is also available.

Best Media Server/Console Interface

Paul Wong, Steve Warren and Koy Neminathan

Avolites Synergy
Avolites has bridged the gap between console programming and media server operation with Synergy. Integrating lighting and video together like never before, all functionality is available with any combination of their lines of consoles and media servers, from the T1 to Sapphire light desks, and from the Anjuna license key to Q3 servers.

Blizzard Shoqwave X6

Best Disco Effects Light

Will Komassa, Frank Luppino and Terry Lowe

Blizzard Shoqwave X6
This is just a fun fixture that no dance floor is complete without. A fast spinning disk offers continuous rotation to six individual LED beam heads. Each 10w LED head has 120° tilt capability and offers either Red, Green, Blue, White or half colors of the above. Use the built in programming, sound-active mode, or up to 38 channels of DMX.

Chamsys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console

Best New Large Scale Light Console


Phil Watson and Terry Lowe

ChamSys MagicQ MQ500 Stadium Console
This desk can support 200 universes direct from the console without the need for external processing. MagicQ MQ500 Stadium is designed for high performance and complex shows. It has the largest number of playbacks in the ChamSys family, with 42 playbacks made up of both fader and executor playbacks for live busking.

Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 475Z

Best Small Format Spot Fixture

Terry Lowe and John Castelino

Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 475Z
This handy little fixture packs a punch for its size with a 250-watt LED engine as the light source. It can run wirelessly with non-DMX control using the IRC-6 remote from Chauvet. With 7 colors + white, two gobo wheels, a motorized zoom from 13-28° this small footprint fixture is a cannon of a light that easily fits in your budget.

Claypaky Xtylos

Best Advancement in Lamp Technology

Terry Lowe, Giovanni Zucchinali and Francesco Romagnoli

Claypaky/Osram Xtylos
Claypaky is making headlines with their use of a custom-made laser as its light source in this beam fixture. This source, lasting for 10,000 hours, is enclosed in a reliable, safe, and fully sealed module and offers an incredible array of colors through RGB additive color mixing. This beam fixture offers 12 static gobos, (including five beam diameter reducers), seven rotating gobos, and three rotating prisms on one wheel.

Cosmic Truss DNA Truss

Best Architectural Truss

Terry Lowe, David Park and Mark Ravenhill

Cosmic Truss DNA Truss
Has anyone ever designed a truss to be so cosmetically appealing? While its uses may vary in that it’s not as load bearing as a stick of straight truss, nothing looks better toned with color than these 12-inch spiral truss sections. Adapter pieces can be attached which bring the DNA’s twist into a square, ensuring it can fit seamlessly into any F34 box truss designs. Perfect for any exhibition space or nightclub install.

disguise gx-2c

Best Advancement in Media Server Technology

Nook Schoenfeld with Ash Nehru of disguise

disguise gx 2c
The gx range excels with power for rendering live effects such as Notch by utilizing Nvidia Quadro graphics cards. Because the graphics cards are optimized for live effects rendering instead of straight video playback, these are the machines often specified for live IMAG effects and real-time graphics.

Elation Artiste Monet

Best Hard Edge Profile

Terry Lowe and Eric Loader

Elation Artiste Monet
The revolutionary CYMRGB + CTO color system takes color mixing to an unprecedented level. In a world of similar fixtures it was refreshing to see this light do original things. The full blackout frames, continuous rotating framing system is rocking, as are the fixture’s macros. The zoom range from 6.5° to 55°, selection of gobos and 45,000+ lumen output deserve high recognition.

ETC PhaseAdept Dimmer Module

Best New Dimmer

David Hilton and David Lincecum

ETC PhaseAdept Dimming Module
The world has been waiting for someone to provide high-quality dimming for LED fixtures and lamps. The flexible functionality of the PhaseAdept module gives venues the ability to update their fixtures without having to update their dimming and control infrastructure. Module can be used in any ETC power enclosure.


Best Light Batten

Terry Lowe and Mark Ravenhill

GLP impression FR10 Bar
GLP took the industry by storm with their X4 Bar 20 moving batten. The timing was right for the next model, which features a larger size output aperture with individual zoom control for each cell. The impression FR10 Bar contains 10 cells, each containing a high output 60-watt RGBW light source. It’s the same physical length as its predecessor.

Green Hippo Montane+

Best Use of Media Servers in an Installation

Green Hippo at The Palms Casino, Las Vegas
KAOS nightclub, which is being repurposed for private events, has over 64 million physical pixels of video, with all outputs and content, including live inputs, driven at 60fps. Seventeen streams of 4K can shoot out to dozens of areas of the club area and facade from a plethora of Hippo Media Servers, including eight Montane+ servers and two Boreal+ servers.

High End Systems TurboRay

Best LED Wash Light

Terry Lowe, Becky Koester and David Lincecum

High End Systems TurboRay
This retro looking wash light offers functions unlike anything else on the market. Powered by the use of four 60-watt Osram Ostar RGBW LED cells and the eye-catching louvered turbines in the front of the fixture – that get used as the primary radial diffuser for the fixture, acting as a variable frost that can spread across the whole beam. It’s a great beam with many special effects.

Mega Systems Circa Scoop

Best Eye Candy

Guillermo Cabada, Terry Lowe, Arturo Cabada and Miguel Cabada

Mega Systems Circa Scoop LED
Mega Systems’ Circa Scoop LED is suited for any application in which you need dazzle, functional illumination, decorative illumination, or a functioning scoop light. The form of the fixture is beautiful and has a combination of unique LED systems that provide innovative tools for making any project or event look stunning. There are 336 RGB LEDs onboard each unit for LDs to pixel map to their heart’s delight.


Panasonic 8K ROI Camera System

Best New Camera System

Panasonic 8K ROI Camera System
A collaboration between Solotech and Panasonic has resulted in this game-changing technology for the live concert and sports broadcasting world. The new system allows up to four different HD images to be produced from a single 8K camera. After setup is complete, a single operator can control multiple camera mages from the 8K ROI view.

Robe T1 T1 Profile Followspot (FS)

Best New Series of Fixtures

Robe T1
Touted as the new one and only fixture you need for theater, television and touring, these moving profile and wash fixtures come with all the bells and whistles a DoP could ask for. This medium range LED sourced fixture offers either a PC or Fresnel lens for the wash model. The T1 Profile Followspot (FS) model is equipped with a digital camera on the head which connects with the RoboSpot BaseStation for followspot operation.

ROE Visual Amber LED Display

Best Video Tiles for Fixed Installation

Terry Lowe and Frank Montero

ROE Visual Jasper and Amber Series
ROE Visual released several outstanding products last year. Two new interior products designed for the permanent install market stood out as excellent advances in technology. The Amber display features a 600-by-337mm cabinet in four different hi-res pixel pitches ranging from 0.9 — 1.8. The Jasper comes in 500 x 500mm squares and pixel pitches ranging from 2.6-5.2.

Rose Brand ADC T-Lift 2-0

Best New Hardware

Ryan Mast, Kevin O’Grady and Sanchit Pradhan

Rose Brand ADC T-Lift 2.0
T-Lift 2.0 is the easiest, fastest automated curtain rigging system ever, taking minutes to assemble now. It comes “ready-to rig” in familiar modular truss sections. “Quick Connect” lift lines attach to the drums in seconds and allow you to leave the lines rigged into the curtain between tour stops. Aircraft cable has been replaced with flat, ½-inch nylon lines that are just as strong and safe, yet silent and snarl-free.

The Light Source RL Series LED

Best House Light

The Light Source RL Series LED
This luminaire provides the look and feel of a natural, single source incandescent light, while offering excellent LED performance and longevity. The 6-inch Fresnel LED recessed fixture is perfect for applications requiring up to 12,750 lumens with excellent dimming, tight beam control, and a high quality of light. It is a great choice for atriums, auditoriums, churches, museums, schools, studios, and theaters.


Unilumin UtileIII

Best Compatible Structures for Video Tiles

Unilumin UtileIII and UpadIII
Unilumin’s UpadIII and UtileIII both offer the simplest one-person installation and disassembly of both products for fast deployment at live events as well as for installations. Easy lift handles make it a snap to connect the double sized UtileIII models or connect them with the half sized models. The UpadIII offers high precision curving and a seamless 90° connection between two panels. Both products can be used for indoor and outdoor applications.

Vanguard Chromium Series

Best High-Res LED Cabinet

Vanguard LED Displays Chromium Series
Boasting pixel pitches that will be down to 0.7 by 2020, the Chromium series has done away with the SMD bulb, opting for Chip on Board technology with the chips directly attached to the PC Board. Epoxy resin coats the boards to create a surface resistant to impact, water and humidity with a failure rate less than 10 percent of the SMD.

Vari-Lite VL6500 Wash

Best Large Format Wash Light

Fernand Pereira, Kyle Davis and Terry Lowe

Vari-Lite VL6500 Wash
VL has brought back the aesthetically cool look of their VL5 wash fixture but magnified the size of the fixture and the light output considerably. The turbine looking louvers remain to diffuse the beam, but are not used to color mix. With an LED source and a much faster color system this fixture is capable of spitting out over 50,000 lumens of light and making a good complement to the 6000 Beam fixture.

Whirlwind PL-PM1RJ Power Meter

Best Rack Mounted Accessory


Michael Laiacona and Jim Grillo

Whirlwind PL-PM1RJ Power Meter
The UL listed Whirlwind PL-PM1RJ Power Meter is designed for monitoring voltage, current and frequency on 3 phase Y power with three 120-volt AC legs or single phase AC with two 120-volt legs. Additionally, neutral to ground voltage and line frequency are monitored. A new enhancement of the PL-PM1RJ now allows network connectivity for remotely viewing power distribution parameters in real time from another device.

More photos:

Terry Lowe and Joshua Alemany from Rose Brand

At the ETC booth


Vari-Lite’s booth

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