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Steve Terry Talks with Theatrical Lighting Control Pioneers Dave Cunningham and Gordon Pearlman

Stage Directions • Industry News • July 22, 2020

The Century Multi-Q console was created by David Cunningham

Dave Cunningham and Gordon Pearlman are two of the most important pioneers of theatrical lighting control over the past 45 years. On Tuesday, July 28 at 1:00 p.m. CDT, Steve Terry, Electronic Theatre Control’s Director of Standards & Industry Relations, sits down with the two icons to discuss their early history and the stories of how their biggest control console milestones happened.

You must register to attend this free event. It is scheduled for 1 hour, 30 minutes.

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The Kliegl Performer console that was created by Gordon Pearlman

Pearlman was the inventor of the LS-8, the first computerized lighting control on Broadway for A Chorus Line in 1975. He went on to create other significant lighting control products such as the Kliegl Performer and the GAM Access.

Cunningham created the Century Multi-Q, and then went on to design the Light Palette (which spawned a number of other consoles with the same philosophy), the CD-80 dimmer system, and the ETC Source Four ellipsoidal.

What makes this discussion unique is that Pearlman and Cunningham were on two different roads to lighting control success: Preset consoles such as Performer, and last-action tracking consoles like Light Palette. The two men, and their products, were competitors in the market for many years. This unique session will explore how and why that fork in the lighting control road happened.

Terry has been friends with both Pearlman and Cunningham for most of that 45-year history. He will moderate a 90-minute exploration of the fascinating details of their product development careers and the resulting products.


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