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Strand Theatre in Marietta, GA Upgrades Audio with Custom Crafted Renkus-Heinz System

Stage Directions • Industry News • December 15, 2020

 The Earl and Rachel Smith Strand Theatre in Marietta, GA has upgraded its sound systems with fixtures from Renkus-Heinz. The historic Strand Theatre lights up the downtown Marietta square with live theatre, films, concerts, comedy, private events, and more.

“The community had noticed the sound had been lackluster for a while,” said James Denmon, owner of Denmon Technical Services, the firm that integrated the new audio system at The Strand Theatre. “They’d tried multiple ways to fix it over the years, but it never quite sounded its best. That changed when we brought in a Renkus-Heinz system as a demo. They were very, very surprised by the difference it made.”

The theatre’s new audio system utilizes the Renkus-Heinz ICLive X Series—featuring four different arrays each made up of two loudspeakers—to ensure effective coverage across the entire space. Denmon built out the ICLive X arrays in the “lower” position using an ICLXL module and an ICLLX module, which allows for the high frequency section of the device to be positioned precisely and offer a longer beam throw. The “upper” arrays make use of one ICLX and one ICLXL module.

Two Renkus-Heinz CA-82 two-way Complex Conic loudspeakers are also installed to provide coverage for extreme front fills within five feet of the front of house. Complex Conic constant directivity waveguide design is another cutting-edge Renkus-Heinz innovation that ensures consistent coverage across a space. Rounding out the integration are four Renkus-Heinz PN212 dual 12-inch subwoofers, which deliver maximum low frequency impact.

“The space was challenging because of a very deep under balcony and over balcony,” said Jeremy Alison, president of Alison Technical Concepts and consultant on the project. “We didn’t have much access to the ceiling for rigging, yet we also didn’t want to put traditional speakers all over the place because we wanted to keep the lines clean. We wanted the theatre to look great when we were done. The answer was to work with Renkus-Heinz, not just for the superior sound quality, but for the way the speakers look as well.”

Renkus-Heinz provides custom fabrication of speakers from its Foothill Ranch, CA facility. For the installation at Strand Theatre, the speakers were painted gold and red to blend in with the aesthetic of the space. “Now it looks incredible and sounds incredible,” Alison said. “Honestly, this is the best sounding system I have heard in a performance theatre in the past five years. And everyone at the theatre agrees.”

Further information from Renkus-Heinz:

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