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Texas Legislature Votes to Regulate Lighting Designers

Jacob Coakley • Industry News • May 27, 2009

AUSTIN, TX—The Texas Senate today passed legislation that will prohibit anyone from practicing lighting design except for registered architects, landscape architects, engineers, interior designers, and commercial electricians. H.B. 2649 was authored by Represenatives Wayne Smith,  Bill Callegari, and Senator Bob Deuell to amend the current state law relating to the regulation and practice of engineering and lighting design. Three different sections of the legislation prohibit “a person from performing or offering to perform lighting design service unless the person is licensed as an engineer under this chapter; registered as an architect, landscape architect, or interior designer under Subtitle B (Regulation of Architecture and Related Practices), Title 6 (Regulation of Engineering, Architecture, Land Surveying, and Related Practices); or licensed under Chapter 1305 (Electricians). “ The sole exception is for “the preparation of shop drawings or other directions from a manufacturer for the installation or operation of lighting fixtures.”


Senator Kip Averitt sponsored the bill in the Senate. His office declined to comment on the legislation.

The bill will now go to the House for consideration. Smith can either concur or not concur with the Senate version. If he does not concur it will likely fail to become law. Smith’s office reported receiving many calls in opposition to the bill.

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