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Theatre Resources Directory Debuts Online

Jacob Coakley • Industry News • July 11, 2012


The Theatre Resources Directory from Stage Directions is now available online.

The Theatre Resources Directory from Stage Directions is now available online.

The Theatre Resources Directory, Stage Directions’ annual directory of everything you need to create good theatre, is now online at The Directory’s more than 1700 listings of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, repairers and trainers are now easily available to anyone with an internet connection. Since it’s online not only can users find what they need quickly and easily, but companies, schools, and theatres can easily add themselves to the database. Basic listings are absolutely free, and can be added at any time.

“Now that the Theatre Resources Directory is online, it’s going to be an even greater resource for theatre makers everywhere,” said Jacob Coakley, editor of Stage Directions magazine. “We’ve made it easy to find what you need—and just as easy to get your company or school listed in the Directory. I want to make this the most complete compendium of resources available to theatre makers everywhere. Now that it’s instantly update-able, I want to personally invite every manufacturer, distributor, retailer or school to add their listing.”

Company reps can easily sign-up on the website and add a listing. If their company is already listed they can claim the company by clicking on a link.

“We’ve made it easy for companies to take shine the spotlight on themselves in the Directory,” said Terry Lowe, publisher of Stage Directions. Basic listings in the Theatre Resources Directory are free, but companies can also highlight their listings, sponsor sections, of course, buy ads. Company reps can find out more about the different opportunities to raise the profile of their company on the website.

Users can easily search the listings for a specific company, or can browse the listings in one of the Directory’s 22 categories, including the new category: Theatrical Retailers and Suppliers.

“Up until now we didn’t have a category to capture all the shops out there where someone can grab some expendables—or some gaff tape, maybe a pair of gloves for the load-in,” said Coakley. “With this new category, we want to shine a light on all the retailers making life easier for creators. Since it’s a new category I’m especially asking companies to swing on over and make sure they’re listed in it.”

“The Theatre Resources Directory is already the best place to find what you need to make theatre,” added Lowe. “And now that it’s online it’s only going to get bigger and better.”

The Theatre Resources Directory is online at

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