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Volt Lites of Southern California Invests in More Elation Monets™

Stage Directions • Industry News • June 1, 2021

Full-service lighting solutions company Volt Lites of Southern California has added 40 more Elation Artiste Monet™ LED profile luminaires to its inventory, a shipment that joins 60 other Monets already in stock along with other Elation lights.

Volt Lites co-founder Matthew Shimamoto says that their demand model has increased dramatically of late and coupled with the fact that their clients have already had the chance to familiarize themselves with the Monet from the earlier purchase, client demand for the fixture has increased. “It’s already gone through the ringer, so they know it’s a good light,” he said.

The Artiste Monet™ is a multi-award-winning 45,000-lumen LED Profile luminaire with 7-flag SpectraColor color mixing system, 4-blade framing with endless rotation, and comprehensive FX package. “The Monet ticked so many different boxes for us,” says Shimamoto, referring back to the company’s 2019 decision to buy 60 Monets for a tour with American rapper Logic. “We wanted to get away from lamps and were looking for an LED fixture that was a direct alternative replacement for a high-powered arc source. In 2019, there were really only a couple of options and one of them was the Monet.”

Volt Lites (, based in Burbank, was founded in 2010 by Shimamoto and business partner Harrison Lippman. Previously as designers/programmers themselves, they know the unique ins and outs of lighting design and work as design partners with their clients. Shimamoto says the decision to add a new light to the Volt inventory is a thorough process of collaboration involving clients, designers, and in-house technicians, not to mention company co-founder Lippman. “Only after we’ve evaluated everyone’s opinion and everyone feels they have what they feel is best do we make the decision to purchase,” Shimamoto states. “It can be a lengthy approval process, but it pays off.”

The evaluation team at Volt Lites took a close look at the Monet’s feature set and liked what they saw. “Other fixtures were not able to compete with the Monet as far as color,” Shimamoto remarks, referring to the Monet’s SpectraColor, a proprietary color mixing system that combines CMY with RGB and variable CTO to produce colors that have traditionally been hard for LED luminaires to achieve. “On top of that, the fact that the framing system is continuous was really unique and just a bonus. The gobos are phenomenal as well. Gobos is one thing that I think many manufacturers take for granted but there was obviously a lot of thought put into the gobo selection with the Monet.”

Fortunately, says Shimamoto, the gear has stayed busy on a number of projects, and the full stable is currently out on jobs. One of those projects is an upcoming feature film in a market he says has been growing for the company. “We’re seeing a growing genre of work in TV and film with film professionals having gravitated toward using the Monet for the color choice and output, so they have been very successful in that sector.”

Additionally, Shimamoto shares that Monets will call the Hollywood Bowl home for the upcoming season, and a high-profile tech company will be using them for an upcoming corporate event as well. For Vax Live: The Concert to Reunite the World, taped May 2nd at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Volt-supplied Monets lit the exterior stage as key light and aerial effects.

Further information from Elation Professional:

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