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You Can Help Preserve Wireless Spectra for Pro Audio Users

Stage Directions • Industry News • April 5, 2021

Both Shure and Sennheiser have filed petitions with the U.S. Federal Communication Commission (FCC), asking for the amendment of Parts 15, 73, and 74 of the FCC Commission’s rules to provide for the preservation of at least ONE vacant 6MHz channel in the UHF television band in each market, designated for use by wireless microphones, published as 86 FR 9297 in MB Docket No 15-146.

Essentially these actions by Shure and Sennheiser would help protect spectra that could, and should, be available to tens of thousands of wireless microphone users in theater, houses of worship, sports, concerts, film/video production, schools, government, broadcasters, and other everyday public address needs for entertainment, events, and newsgathering applications. However, the support of the pro sound industry is a vital part of this happening.

The FCC needs to understand the critical needs of professional wireless users. Letters from theaters, pro audio users, and sound companies can help demonstrate the importance of this ruling. Letters with your comments are critical and are due by April 9, 2021. These can be sent via email (see the sample below) to Sennheiser’s FCC coordinator, Joe Ciaudelli ( or you can directly electronically with the FCC.


Go to

Enter proceeding numbers 15-146 (hit “ENTER”) and 12-268

Fill out the form.

Choose “Comment” for Type of Filing.

Upload your document

Click “Continue to Review Screen”

Review and Click “Submit”


SAMPLE LETTER [On your letterhead, if you have letterhead]

[Today’s Date]

Ms. Marlene H. Dortch, Secretary
Federal Communications Commission
45 L Street NE
Washington, DC 20554

            Re: MB Docket No. 15–146; GN Docket No. 12– 268; Report No. 3169; FRS 17596

Dear Ms. Dortch:

(state who you are — e.g. I am an audio engineer/artist who uses wireless microphones and monitors)

(state that you support the designation of one channel in the UHF TV band for use by wireless microphones as originally planned by the FCC due to the importance of UHF TV band spectrum for wireless microphone use, and specifically support the Sennheiser and Shure Petitions for Reconsideration filed in January 2021).

(optional: state anything else you would like to add)

Respectfully submitted,

(your signature — typed is OK)

(your name and title)

(your address and phone if not on letterhead)

Please email your letter to with a note “please file with the FCC on my behalf”

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