in 1: the podcast with Lighting Designer Isabella Byrd

Cory Pattak • Podcasts • September 4, 2019

Here’s a new episode of in 1: the podcast, hosted by Lighting Designer Cory Pattak, as he speaks with Lighting Designer and recent Obie Award winner Isabella Byrd. Isabella discuses with us the genesis of her design for The Light Shining in Buckinghamshire as well as her other numerous designs that have brought Byrd’s work into the spotlight.

in1 the podcast Isabella Byrd

In 1: the podcast with Obie Award winning Lighting Designer Isabella Byrd and host Cory Pattak

The podcast is back from a long hiatus for (hopefully!) an all new batch of episodes. This week, we are sitting down with Lighting Designer and recent Obie Award winner Isabella Byrd. Isabella discuses with us the genesis of her design for ‘The Light Shining in Buckinghamshire’ and how that show helped catapult her into greater visibility. She also shares insights into her work on ‘The Thanksgiving Play’, ‘Seascape’ and ‘The Tale of Despereaux’  and if she feels a paradigm shifting in regards to gender parity on creative teams. Isabella and Cory also discuss her time at Chance Magazine and the Prague Quadrennial, how to make theatre marketing photos reflect the shows better, how she learned restraint working with designers like Jane Cox and Tyler Micoleau, and the challenge for young designers to separate the drafting process from the design process. 

Isabella Byrd is a lighting designer based in Brooklyn, New York. She was recently awarded an Obie for her design of The Light Shining in Buckinghamshire at New York Theatre Workshop.  Her design collaborations have been presented in New York City and regionally across the United States. With a special interest in developing new works, her process pivots/activates/blooms around design dramaturgy, musical movement, and color composition. Her work favors architectural impulses and shadow play. Credits include “Daddy” A Melodrama (The New Group/Vineyard), The Thanksgiving Play (Playwrights Horizons), The Hello Girls (Prospect Theatre Co), Continuity (Manhattan Theatre Club), Plano (ClubbedThumb), Seascape(ACT), The Tale of Despereaux (The Old Globe), Tell Me I’m Not CrazyArtney JacksonMember of the Wedding(Williamstown Theatre Festival), Such Things as Vampires (People’s Light), and Noises Off (Cape Playhouse). The lighting design for Plano and “Daddy” A Melodrama recieved 2019 Henry Hewes Awards nominations.  Such Things as Vampires was nominated for a 2019 Barrymore Award for its lighting design.

Isabella was a Design Editor and creative producer at Chance Magazine. Aside from curating content for the magazine, she was invited to lead a symposium and seminar at the 2015 Prague Quadrennial, exploring the fertile encounter of photography, theatrical design, and thought artifacts. She was also the Creative Producer for 13Playwright’s archival website www.13p.org. In 2012, the Obie Award-winning downtown collective completed their producing mission and ‘imploded’ into the interactive time capsule.

Isabella’s website is https://www.isabellabyrd.design

About in 1: the podcast – You know those conversations you have at the bar after a long day of tech? The moments where you sit with your friends and colleagues and discuss what you love about being a designer, but also what drives you mad? Imagine getting to listen in on those conversations with some of the most fascinating, celebrated, and sought-after theatrical designers working today. That is what in 1: the podcast strives to be. A long-form, uncensored, candid chat with designers of all walks of life talking about their lives in the theatre. No topic is off limits. From life on the road to life in a Broadway theatre. From trying to get noticed in New York to making a splash in regional theatre. You’ll never know what to expect from each episode. You might learn about a designer’s latest inspiration, or how they got started, their most embarrassing moment, or their favorite collaborator. Hosted by real life (we think) designer Cory Pattak, in 1: the podcast offers unprecedented access into the world of theatrical design, direct from the industry’s most interesting movers and shakers. All the world’s a stage, so draw back the curtain and come meet the magic makers who bring those worlds to life.

 Plano (ClubbedThumb) Member of the Wedding(Williamstown Theatre Festival)  The Light Shining in Buckinghamshire (New York Theatre Workshop) The Tale of Despereaux (The Old Globe)


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