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Point Source Audio Sounding Board: Three Ways to Mount Mics Near Beards

Point Source Sounding Board Blog • Sounding Board • August 13, 2019

Mounting headset microphones on bearded speakers and actors can get a bit hairy. If your subject usually uses a headset and decides to sport a beard, you’ll likely grow concerned about scratchy sounds from the mic boom. Here are a few solutions to get you through without resorting to shaving the actor.

Bend the Mic Boom Away from the Beard
A flexible boom lets you position the mic away from beards

I know, it seems obvious—position the boom away from the beard. If your mic has a soft bendable boom like the CO-8WD, the options are practically unlimited. The flexible boom will hold its position throughout any performance and because of its soft sheath actually produces less “scratchy” noise even if rubbed up against the facial hair. If you have a more rigid boom microphone, adjust the headset to make sure it’s secure and use clear medical tape to prevent the mic from migrating back toward that beard. Keep in mind that positioning a rigid boom too far away from the mouth will sacrifice sound quality. With really bushy beards, this might not be a viable solution.

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