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Sounding Board: Waterproof Mics from Point Source Audio

Point Source Audio • Sounding Board • May 15, 2019

An IP 57 waterproof rating on your microphone means it can survive blood, sweat, tears, and even rain throughout your productions. In this short video from Point Source Audio, they give you a quick look at their mics standing up to these harsh elements: 

When considering microphones that need to stand up to the elements – blood, sweat, tears, and yes, even a downpour of rain, be sure to look for the “W” in the part number for the waterproof designation, e.g. CO-8WL (lavalier) CO-8WD (dual ear headset), or CO-8WS (single side earset).

All CO2 mic elements—just like Point Source Audio’s CO elements—are protected against damage from water, sweat and makeup. The IP 57 rating establishes protection—of the microphone element only—for up to 30 minutes of submersion in 1 meter of water. Don’t forget to also use watertight mic transmitters or seal them up to prevent them from being damaged. X-Connectors for PSA’s SERIES8 waterproof mics are also available for waterproof transmitters such as the Lectrosonics WM Belt-Pack.

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