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2019 Tony Awards: Sonny Tilders and Creature Technology Company Acceptance Speech

Stage Directions • Theatre Buzz • June 12, 2019

Sonny Tilders is an Australian animatronics artist, known for his work as creative director of the Creature Technology Company. Tilders and the Creature Technology Company was the creator of the King Kong puppet in the musical of the same name. They received a 2019 Special Tony Award for their work. Here’s a video of Jacob Williams, one of the Voodoo Puppeteers on King Kong accepting the award on behalf of Sonny Tilders and Creature Technology Company:

Here’s an excerpt from the award presentation: “Sonny Tilders and his associates at Creature Technology Company didn’t just build what is perhaps the most complex marionette ever conceived to “play” the titular character. They managed to imbue an inanimate object with genuine emotion. The result is the very definition of stage magic and it’s nothing short of astonishing. For creating “Kong,” I am proud to present a 2019 Special Tony Award to Sonny Tilder and Creature Technology Company.”

Further information from the Tony Awards:

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