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4Wall’s Light Humor | Episode 2: The Focus

Stage Directions • Theatre Buzz • April 21, 2021

4Wall Entertainment has launched a new animated short limited series, Light Humor. Watch Episode 2, The Focus. You would think a day called ‘Focus’ would be calm and productive, but most Lighting Designers know it doesn’t always work that way…

The Light Humor series from 4Wall takes a humorous look inside the world of lighting design and aims to bring some brightness into your day. The episode voice talent will include a mix of professional actors, recognizable names from the lighting industry, and members of the 4Wall family.

Presented by 4Wall Entertainment
Executive Producers: Jeff Croiter, Cory Pattak, Drew Quinones; Consulting Producer: Al Ridela

Episode 2 | The Focus
Written by Cory Pattak
Animated by Skylar Smith
Title Graphics by Ariel Chambers

Lighting Designer: Lindsay Nicole Chambers
Mike: Jorge Arroyo
John: John Anselmo
Board Op: Ebony Madry
Stagehand #1: Oscar Del Aguila
Stagehand #2: Brian MacDevitt


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