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Backstage Video: Hanging the Sign Props for Sweat at The Denver Center

Stage Directions • Theatre Buzz • August 13, 2019

Building a bar with mud, Sweat, and just the right beer signs

In this video from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Robin Payne, Properties Director of the DCPA Theatre Company talks about the challenge of dressing the bar setting for its recent production of Lynn Nottage’s Sweat that played in the Space Theatre:

Payne dealt with having to find the signs that were most appropriate for the story’s steel-town Pennsylvania setting. That meant local beers like Rolling Rock and sports teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers. “We tried to incorporate the Pennsylvania flair into the set,” says Payne, who also talks about the art of distressing the bar to look like it’s old and in disrepair. She has a great story of how she found some of the bar seating in a muddy Brighton field.

The Creative and Production Team for Sweat included:
Scenic Designer Tony Cisek; Costume Designer Kevin Copenhaver; Lighting Designer Charles MacLeod; Sound Designer Elisheba Ittoop; Multimedia Designer Gregory W. Towle; Properties Director Robin Payne; and Production Manager Jeff Gifford.

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