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Broadway Green Webinar: On the Right Track: Sustainable Production Toolkit, Part Two

Stage Directions • Theatre Buzz • July 22, 2020

Join Broadway Green Alliance for the second session in this two-part discussion series focused on how Production Managers and theatre professionals can seize on our collective ‘intermission’ to develop plans for a more sustainable theatre. This #GreenQuarantine session will be held on Thursday, July 23 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EDT.

The session will be hosted by sustainable theatre leaders and authors of the toolkit, Michael Banta, Lauren Gaston, Sandra Goldmark, Elizabeth Mak, and Edward T. Morris. Part Two will dive into lighting, sound, stage management, company management, and development. They will have a conversation about actionable steps for each department, and how sustainable practices can help theatres be more people-centered and move closer to their mission after the pandemic. Come prepared to participate and discuss!

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Here’s a replay of, We Can Do It: Sustainable Production Toolkit, Part One

The discussion in Part One centered on materials sourcing and production budgets, with an emphasis on scenery, props, and costume departments. They made the case for why the industry-wide pause caused by COVID-19 gives the opportunity and incentive to develop a more sustainable plan for the future.

Further information from Broadway Green Alliance:
Further information from the Broadway Green Alliance‘s Facebook Page

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