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Stage Directions • Industry NewsTheatre Buzz • August 18, 2020 is hosting an upcoming community conversation—WTF is Happening: A Community Conversation on Pandemic Relief. This Zoom conversation is taking place on Monday, August 17, 2020 from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. EDT. WTF will also be live streamed on the Facebook page. They want to make sure everyone is informed, comforted by community, and given the tools they need to do something about this.

They will discuss WTF is happening on the Hill and what everyone can all do about it.
They will also answer questions, share stories, and provide you all of the things you need to get loud on this issue.

Provide an inclusive and empathetic space for everyone who is struggling due to government inaction.
Update everyone on WTF is going on with pandemic relief, the Executive Order, and more.
Answer and discuss pre-submitted questions.
Provide everyone with resources for help and for action
Hear from you all, answer your questions, hear your stories.

REGISTER HERE for WTF is Happening



We aim to provide resources for everyone who has needs from the next Pandemic Relief bill.

Our asks are

  • Extending the FPUC $600 in full until the pandemic is over
  • Expanding PUA to those excluded
  • Supporting state agencies to pay out backlogged claims
  • Hazard pay and protections for essential workers
  • Healthcare relief
  • Rent and mortgage relief
  • Long term small business support

If any of these things would help you or someone you know, join us!

WHO is a resource created by unemployed members of the entertainment industry. We offer comprehensive information, talking points, and updates on pandemic relief legislation as well as tools for Taking Action and demanding our government meet our needs.

We will hear from:
Joanna Carpenter| Actor, Educator and Activist – @TheJoannaC
Stephanie Freed | Co-Founder, – @NoNoInstaSteph
Grant McDonald | Co- Founder, – @McDonaldGO
Michael Strickland | Bandit Lites Chair and Industry Advocate
Other community leaders to be announced

Chau Mui | Founder, Ciaooo! Magazine – @ChauForNow & @CiaoooMag

DISCLAIMER: They are not lawyers or politicians. They cannot address personal claim issues or answer state by state questions.

The conversation will also be live-streamed on the group’s Facebook page: Extendpua
Even if you’re more comfortable streaming on Facebook we encourage you to register for the event so we can get a sense of the community attending and affected by this. You can also submit your question there if you have one.

REGISTER HERE for WTF is Happening

Join them! Invite your friends!

Further information and to RSVP:

The graphics that you can share are at:

This one’s a little extra work, but it’s important. Mail a letter or postcard to your Senators’ local office via the USPS. You will have to use Google to find those office addresses, but they are publicly available. Feel free to print’s letter at if you’re not sure what to say.

Follow them on Facebook: Extendpua

Follow them on Twitter/Instagram @ExtendPUA. RT something they’ve posted or fire off in your own way at those keeping the relief from everyone.

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