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Hamilton Prop Fact | Doctor’s Bag for 10 Duel Commandments

Jay Duckworth • Theatre Buzz • July 2, 2020

One more day to the premiere of Hamilton on Disney+, so here’s today’s Hamilton Prop Fact from Proptologist, Stage Directions Contributing Writer, and Professor Jay Duckworth. He created the props for the original production of Hamilton when it started out at The Public Theater and has created this series of Prop Facts about key props in Hamilton. Duckworth and Stage Directions will be sharing them all week in the run up to the July 3rd premiere of the Broadway version of Hamilton coming to Disney+. Here’s Number six, the Doctor’s Bag from Act 1, Scene 15 and the song “10 Duel Commandments”:

10 Duel Commandments. “The director asked for a doctor’s bag for one of the actors to walk across stage with for this song. I made a cool looking field surgeon’s box from the 1700′ that was correct for the period and brought it to him,” explains Duckworth. “Tommy Kail, the director said it looked great but he thought just a regular old doctor’s bag would be perfect. I replied that a Gladstone bag came into use over 100 years after the time period of Hamilton. He said he knew that, but showing a typical doctor’s bag was the cleanest way to tell the story. I apologize for my rudeness; I was so caught up in the idea of period that I lost sight that we are storytellers. It is a lesson I will never forget.”

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