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Hamilton Prop Facts! Collected

Jay Duckworth • Theatre Buzz • July 8, 2020

Proptologist, Stage Directions Contributing Writer, and Professor Jay Duckworth created the props for the original production of Hamilton when it started out at The Public Theater.  To celebrate the July 3rd premiere of the Broadway version of Hamilton coming to Disney+, Duckworth created this series of Prop Facts about key props in Hamilton. Enjoy learning about the history of these historical props from Hamilton.

Here are Duckworth’s Hamilton Prop Facts collected for your convenience.

For the Quill pens, Duckworth and the prop team used turkey feathers as using eagle feathers is illegal!

“Currently, there are 9 of the retired dueling pistols out in the world,” says Duckworth. One that was auctioned off for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDs, one I gave to to our Artistic Director, Oskar Eustis, and one to our Head of Production.”

“Costume Designer Theoni Aldredge once told me that the eye will always follow color, so I used her advice on Hamilton,” explains Duckworth.

Who wouldn’t have wanted to join the English Royal Navy?! You got a Tot of rum every day!

Sometimes, it’s all we can do to keep the props from “blowing away” during a performance! “Prop Magic is just knowledge and creativity playing together,” states Duckworth. This desk solution came about when we were asked, ‘I want the desk to fly and keep the the items from the scene on it.’ “Fun fact – the drawers were added later,” says Duckworth. “To keep the desk light for hurricane we only added the center drawer the other two drawers are fake but necessary to add a balanced look.”

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