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If You Miss Headsets, Stage Manager Cherie B. Tay, and All-Star Broadway Crew, Call Rob McClure’s Preparation to Conduct a Broadway Show

Stage Directions • Theatre Buzz • March 12, 2021

Actor Rob McClure has a series called Conductor Cam and for Season 2, Episode 1, Coming Attractions he created this video to mark the one-year anniversary of theater being closed down on March 12, 2021. Places are being called by Hadestown Stage Manager Cherie B. Tay who opens the video with a call to places, then checks in with all the backstage technical departments and front of house, before handing the show over to conductor McClure. The technical department responses are from an all-star line-up of Broadway crews! We at Stage Directions can’t wait for the ghost lights to be turned off and all of us getting back to work in the theater safely and securely for everyone. Enjoy!

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