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Prism Projection Reveal Color Wash Installed at Grayson County College Theatres

Jacob Coakley • Theatre Buzz • August 23, 2010

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A Prism Projection Reveal Color Wash fixture like the ones installed at Grayson County College Theatres

A Prism Projection Reveal Color Wash fixture like the ones installed at Grayson County College Theatres

SULLY, IA—Grayson County College’s Art and Communications Center in Denison, Texas has purchased 10 Prism Projection Reveal Color Wash (Reveal CW) fixtures for the newly-renovated, 1,000-seat Cruce Stark Auditorium and the new, more intimate 50-foot-by-50-foot Black Box Theater. The latter space features a fully-flexible seating system by Staging Concepts that can accommodate up to 150 people depending on the configuration. The Cruce Stark Auditorium and Black Box Theater are used as classrooms and for theatre and music performances; they are also available for community events and outside rentals.

StageLight with offices in Houston, Dallas, New Orleans, and Nashville supplied the professional-grade, environmentally-friendly LED fixtures. Reveal CW boasts low power consumption and requires minimal maintenance—important assets for theatrical applications. The Reveal CW’s color rendering, palette, repeatability, and beam quality have been recognized by the Association of British Theatre Technicians, which named it Best New Lighting Product of 2010.

Although the fixtures will be shared by the Cruce Stark Auditorium and Black Box Theater, Professor Tenna Matthews, technical director of the Theater Department, was initially looking for lights to do overhead color washes in the larger space. She had read about the Reveal CW at the LDI industry trade show, and Jerome Dunn at StageLight sent a fixture for her to test.

“I chose the Reveal CWs for their brightness and really nice dimmer curve,” Professor Matthews said. “We have some other LED fixtures and my complaints with them were always their lack of brightness and dimming capabilities. The Reveal CW is the first product I’ve seen that solves both problems. They are bright and punchy enough to hold their own against Source 4s, and LED dimming finally looks like incandescent dimming. In addition, the quality of the light is much less ‘electronic’ than any LED product I’ve seen.”

James Smerbeck, vice president of sales at StageLight, noted that the Reveal CW’s “repeatable colors and color rendering are ideal for costumes and sets—they really make costume and set designers happy. There’s no color separation of the beam, something you get with a lot of other LED products. They have nice uniformity, and they work particularly well in the smaller Black Box Theater which has a short throw distance.”

The Reveal CWs have already been used for several graduation ceremonies and are due to play a prominent role in the new school year’s first show, the Elvis-themed All Shook Up, now in rehearsals. “I can’t wait to use the lights in a musical,” said Professor Matthews. “With a lot of heavy light cueing, they will look great! After the multi-million dollar renovation of the Art and Communications Center, we chose a production to showcase our new fly system and new lighting system,” she added.

Professor Matthews has been so pleased with the Reveal CWs that she plans to add five more fixtures to supplement the inventory. “With 15 color washes we will be able to cover much more of the stage,” she says.

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