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Statement from Season of Concern Chicago Regarding COVID-19

Stage Directions • Industry NewsTheatre Buzz • March 18, 2020

Season of Concern Chicago offers emergency assistance for any member of the Chicago theater community who is dealing with serious medical issues, including those that may result from COVID-19 infection. Proof of testing positive for the virus is required.

The events of the past few days have overwhelmed and overturned our community and our world, possibly for many weeks to come. During the challenging days ahead, the board and staff of Season of Concern Chicago urge every member of our community to:

  • Follow accepted CDC guidelines concerning the COVID-19 virus and its transmission and familiarize yourself with the symptoms of infection and subsequent treatment; these guidelines can be found on the League of Chicago Theatres’ website,
  • Become familiar with the resources available to the many artists, craftspeople, and theater support workers whose face economic uncertainty or devastation in the next few weeks. A list of current programs established for economic relief for artists can be found at org. You may also find information on our partnering organization, The Actors Fund, at
  • Stay in touch with other members of the theater community who lie within the high-risk categories of coronavirus infection (especially those who may be living alone), in case they need assistance.

Please visit our newly enhanced website,, which we’ve updated and redesigned for faster navigation to the information you need.

To link directly to our guidelines for medical assistance, visit our new Get Help and Apply Now pages.

Further information from Seasons of Concern Chicago:


Founded in 1987, Season of Concern Chicago is dedicated to providing financial assistance to Chicagoland theater practitioners, both Equity and Non-Equity, impacted by illness, injury or circumstance that prevents them from working. We provide short-term emergency financial assistance to theater practitioners through our own Biscotto-Miller Fund.

Originally formed to assist those afflicted with AIDS-related illnesses, Season of Concern continues to support over 25 Chicago-based direct care HIV/AIDS organizations and has expanded its mission and support to meet the greater health needs of the Chicagoland theater community. Season of Concern relies on fundraising and donations to complete its mission. To date, we have distributed more than $3 million to those in need.

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