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Steve Younkins Brings Q2Q Comics to Stage Directions

Michael Eddy • Theatre Buzz • December 20, 2017
© Q2Q Comic Written and Drawn by Steve Younkins

© Q2Q Comic Written and Drawn by Steve Younkins

Many of you most likely already know—and read—the webcomic Q2Q Comics, created by Steve Younkins. We are very happy that Stage Directions will now be running a new Q2Q comic in each print edition starting with the January 2018 issue as well as running one classic Q2Q each week on our website and in our weekly SD Newsletter. I’d like to thank Steve for working with us to bring his unique brand of theatrical humor to Stage Directions and I hope that you find them as funny in pointing out the follies that sometimes go on backstage as I do. Be sure to check out the January SD issue to see the new Q2Q Comic and in the meantime enjoy this classic strip…

For more information on the Q2Q ‘crew’ and to peruse the comic archive and to follow the thrice weekly strip or see all the great Q2Q swag available, visit

Here’s a quick introduction to Steve:

With his day job as a Sound Designer for theater—Younkins has worked at Maryland Ensemble Theatre, numerous theaters around Maryland, and just finished up a summer gig at Stages St. Louis—he spends the rest of his copious free time writing and drawing Q2Q, which runs a new comic on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Younkins has been working in and around audio since he was 13 and he’s been cartooning since his college days when he wrote about working in the library, which was his job through school. Younkins has a great eye, and ear, for the funny and once again proves that you should write about what you know. It’s pretty funny stuff!

Younkins started drawing Q2Q on a lark back in March of 2014, mostly to amuse his roommate, a TD/LD who was having a particularly bad tech week. What started out as Post-It Note doodles to make the roomie laugh got attention after Younkins posted them on Facebook. Needless to say, the webcomic has taken off like a rocket from there. He’s even produced a book collecting the first 220 Q2Q Comics. (FYI, Younkins roommate is the real-life inspiration for the character Wuggles.)

Younkins points out that in making a comic that’s relatable and funny, that “most of the characters in the comic are pretty bad at their jobs,” he says. “Most of the time they’re doing things that if you were a perfect engineer you wouldn’t be making these mistakes. But everybody makes mistakes. Everybody is the butt of a joke at some point or another, but they’re on top at some point too; they get their chance to shine. I tend to be pretty hard on the designers for their design elements. I’m hard on the director, too. He also gets to be in charge. He’s still making art; he’s still doing all of that. They’re all still collaborating; they’re compromising working together it’s just they’re also butting heads at times. If they were all working together, it wouldn’t be as funny or as interesting. So, I don’t do that as often. I don’t do the warm fuzzies; I’m not making a perfect theater, I’m trying to show things that actually happen and make it relatable and funny. It’s a comic, it should be funny.”

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