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Tech Table Webinar Replay: KC Wilkerson Speaks with Eric Tucker, Pyrotechnics Designer

Stage Directions • Theatre Buzz • July 6, 2020

Tech Table, a live streamed webinar series from Project with Jason, is hosted by Lighting Designer KC Wilkerson. In the most recent installment, which streamed on Saturday, July 4, Wilkerson had an interactive conversation with Eric Tucker, Pyrotechnics Designer. (Quite appropriate for the Fourth of July!) Here’s the video replay of that conversation:

Projects with Jason (PwJ) was established by theater arts advocate and professional stage manager J. Jason Daunter. PwJ has created some an interesting and new model of webinars, including Artists in Conversation and Virtual Cabaret installments with theater artists including Chita Rivera and Sam Harris. You can replay these and others in the past archive on the PwJ YouTube channel Projects with Jason.

Daunter partnered with Wilkerson to host Tech Table, which will be conversations with backstage theater artists—designers, technicians, and artisans who bring productions to life on stage. “The idea behind the title Tech Table is that, even though some of the artists we want to include aren’t specifically technical, we all end up (at some point during the process) around the tech table to collaborate and problem-solve,” says Wilkerson.

Further information on Tech Table or any of the other webinar series from Projects with Jason go to

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