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The Stage Managers’ Association Free Resources Page is Now Live

Stage Directions • Industry NewsTheatre Buzz • March 23, 2020

The Stage Managers’ Association (SMA) announces that it’s Public Access Resource page is now live. Non-members can listen to featured interviews and watch selected webinars. Each Friday, the SMA will roll out new content (interviews and webinars) that non-members can access for 1 week.

Non-members: Click here to listen to featured interviews and watch selected webinars. Content changes over each Friday.

If you are interested in joining the SMA, click here to become a member.

The events of the past month have moved rapidly and now we find ourselves in a completely different world. The Board of Directors and the regional representatives of the SMA are looking for ways in which we can be of assistance, in particular to stage managers and those who teach them, as well as the wider field of collaborators in our field. We will be announcing several online initiatives soon.

Website Updates
The SMA website will be adding new resources weekly as well as making even more services available to our colleagues and the greater stage management community.

You can expect to see:

  • a ramp up of Zoom sessions to be offered free/open to the general public
  • the SMA to offer out some of our inward services that support those teaching in the field
  • the SMA to move some of our resources to the public facing pages in support of our community in these challenging times.

Please visit to access these resources.

Help to SMA Membership
We encourage our membership and the community at large to contact their local legislators to keep the issues we face, in the forefront, as they personally assess how to deal with this new reality. It is critical that Federal relief should ensure that the needs of non-profit arts organizations, entertainment centers, and the artists who work with them are addressed.

Stage and event managers are a crucial part of this industry and should be protected.  Action should be taken to address this section and the loss of event dependent income.

“Members can choose to speak out directly through an online campaign to Congress, or to weigh in directly with local district staff, we urge you to be as specific as you can about the current and projected impact on you or your organization. Congress needs to hear from as many constituents as possible that COVID-19 relief should be made accessible to nonprofit arts organizations and to artists.”

We stand ready to assist. If you have a question or an idea or need some services as we move forward into the unknown, please contact us directly at or Elynmarie Kazle at

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