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International Stage Management Day!

Katy McGlaughlin • Stage Manager’s Kit • October 10, 2016
October 10th (10/10) is Stage Management Day
Thanks go to the SMA UK for starting this party.

This marvelous day got its start with the Stage Managers Association UK in 2013. It is a day to celebrate stage management in all of the many forms that it takes. (Leave it to stage managers to schedule and plan their very own day!)

Stage Management Day is a chance to give the world a glimpse into a day in the life of stage-managing. Originally intended as a British national event, the Twitter campaign caught the eyes of stage managers the world over and it is now internationally recognized; who doesn’t want a day to be celebrated?  (Should we be on the look out for International Lighting Designer’s Day?)

For many of us it is strange to be in the spotlight (see But What If I Don’t Want the Applause?), but rather than shy away from this day of recognition, use it to show the world what we do. Snap, Tweet, or Facebook your process today – Share an unusual aspect of your stage management situation. Is there a piece of paperwork of which you are especially proud? Can someone take some footage of you calling that tricky sequence? Let the cast see what its like to stage manage, switch roles for a minute or two -have an actor call five or places (only with your producer’s permission, of course), have a beer (bonus points if you can get someone else to buy it), and know that around the world other stage managers are celebrating the great work that we do.

This is the first time since its initiation that Stage Management Day has fallen on a Monday; do you have the day off? If you don’t have a day off what better way to celebrate the awesomeness that is stage management by doing it, and doing it well!

The stage managers at the University of Iowa are setting up a booth in the lobby and leaving out jars and slips of paper so people can write messages to their favorite stage managers! Let us know what you are doing to celebrate? And don’t forget to check out the official twitter event #stagemgrs16

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