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SM Kit Tools: Broadway Basics

Lindsay Warnick • Stage Manager’s Kit • March 5, 2016
Broadway Basics logo
Broadway Basics logo

This blog has focused on software and tools to help stage managers do their jobs.  We are also starting to explore workshops and other training resources.  If you know of a program that should be in the spotlight, post it in the comments below.  Our first SM training feature is Broadway Basics.


Christy Ney and her colleague Marybeth Abel spend much of their time working on Broadway’s hit musical Wicked, but outside of actively stage managing, both have a vested interest in educating young theatre artists. Together they created Broadway Basics, a program that offers workshops, master classes, private lessons, and instruction throughout the year on Stage Management. With backgrounds in teaching, Christy and Marybeth often discussed their classes and students. Ney says, “One thing that struck us both was that many of the students had never been exposed to the ins and outs of Commercial Theatre and how Broadway comes together. We are both passionate about teaching and decided to combine our resources to bring our knowledge and experience to students.”


Broadway Basics seeks individuals who are passionate about theatre and who crave learning more. “You simply have to have an interest and desire to learn about Broadway and working in professional theatre,” says Ney.  “We want to be able to reach all levels of SMs seeking educational enrichment and guidance. Our work is geared more for SMs and students at the start of their careers: high school, undergrad, grad students, and young professionals; however we have welcomed many students from overseas, students who have transitioned into SMing later in life and teachers looking towards increasing their knowledge so they can better teach or run a theatre program.”


Ney and Abel present stage managers with the opportunity to learn about commercial theatre from people currently working in it and they deliver the information in a variety of ways.  Broadway Basics offers a two-part SM Intensive at various points throughout the year in New York City.  Each segment is 5 hours long and can be taken together or separately. Following the workshop, participants are given a free 3-month trial to Stage Jobs Pro and access to the private Broadway Basics Forum with information on job, housing, and networking opportunities.  Broadway Basics also conducts workshops and master classes for colleges, universities, and organizations along with private, individualized lessons throughout the year.  These workshops and lessons are arranged directly through Broadway Basics and can take place in NYC, at a school, or even online.


Regardless of venue, the workshops focus on an understanding of commercial theatre, theatrical unions, calling highly technical (Broadway) shows, resume and interview techniques, networking, and the production process from a stage management perspective. “We hope that our students walk away with a solid and energized understanding of the work of a stage manager.  We hope that our students are invigorated and inspired by our time together.”


If you are looking for ways to learn more about working on Broadway and in Commercial Theatre, check out Broadway Basics. They are holding their next SM Intensive on June 6th and 7th so visit for more information and prices!

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