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Where to Begin? First USITT Conference

Katy McGlaughlin • Stage Manager’s Kit • March 15, 2016
USITT Conference 2016, March 16-19
USITT Conference 2016, March 16-19

As I prepare to attend my first ever USITT Conference I am overwhelmed by all of the sessions available – fortunately there is a session for that.

(Two actually: “Decision Making 401” – Friday at 2:45pm and the “First Timers Reception” – Wednesday at 1:00pm). As a stage manager I am mostly interested in the management track sessions but Theatre Machines from the Baroque Period (Friday at 5:30pm) also sounds fascinating. A friend of mine who can’t make it this year, but would really like to go, sent me her list of highlights including the “Distinguished Achievement Award Winners in Conversation” (Friday at 9:30am). I think she is especially disappointed because there are so many exciting sound sessions.

The sessions I am most excited about are:


Some other highlights include:



Of course there are also the Keynote Speaker, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the expo floor, and the new eSet program.

 Whatever your expertise or reason for attending, USITT has myriad options to keep you entertained and informed!

If you’re going and would like to meet up leave me a comment and we’ll see what we can do!

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