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Proptologist Video: Strawberry Casting with Jay Duckworth

Jay Duckworth • Answer Box VideoFebruary 2021 • January 31, 2021

Casting is a great skill to have as a prop artisan, but for many it seems expensive and really complicated to get started. Some people want to try it but the initial cost of just starting it up—the cost of materials—puts folks off. To really do it right, you do need to make sure you get the right clay and materials to build a custom casting box, as well as have on hand the tools to make the casting box. I often hear the question, ‘After all of the work to set it up, what if I fail and lose not only what it took me hours to make but ruin all my setup?’ In this video, you and I are going to do something together; it’s going to be inexpensive and it will start you on a journey to success with casting. 

Take the Time to Prepare
Build your foundation: We aren’t going to start off with something too complicated. I always find it best to start off with the fundamentals. That gives you a great foundation to build upon. There are no shortcuts in learning. The bumps, bruises, and scars show that you have made mistakes and were brave enough to carry on.

Start off simply: This helps you learn the ins and outs. With painting, sculpting, and any art, take it slow. The Western culture just rams its way to a goal as quickly as we can, so we can start the next step. We have time right now, so let’s please take the time to make every movement in creating something be art. 

Embrace Failure: Failure is the best teacher in the world. After something fails don’t automatically shift to mad but shift to wonder. Be inquisitive and go through every step you can and alter where you think the weak link in the chain of events may be. Then do it again until you succeed. Remember what Edison said about the light bulb. ‘I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.’

Casting Basics
You will need a Smooth-On casting kit of OOMOO™ 30, a two-part, easy-to-use tin cure silicone rubber compound; hot glue gun, 1 medium-size strawberry, 3 plastic Solo cups, and a stir stick. That is IT. Make sure to have everything on hand and a clean prep space with paper towels on hand in case of spills.  

Smooth-On also has a number of casting videos and further information on its OOMOO-30 product at

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