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Stage Management History

Stage Directions’ blog following Jennifer Leigh Sears Scheier’s research on Stage Management History.

  • Part II A Crash Course in American Stage Management History

    Jennifer Leigh Sears Scheier | Stage Management History | December 13, 2017The term “Director” was introduced in the late 1800’s, although scholars continue to debate who was the ‘first’ American modern director, I attribute it to Augustus Daly. Augustus Daly (among others), changed the production process in theater. Daly expected more out of his actors, requiring attendance at all rehearsals, beginning the rehearsal process several weeks or months in advance and for several hours at a time. Prior to this, rehearsals for specific productions were sporadic, and totaled a few hours spanning over several weeks. He fined actors for lateness, absenteeism, and forgotten lines or blocking. Overall, he regimented the rehearsal process. Read More...
  • A Crash-Course in American Stage Management History

    Jennifer Leigh Sears Scheier | Stage Management History | December 5, 2017Before the second Industrial Revolution in the late nineteenth century, the prompter performed the duties commonly associated with the contemporary stage manager. Why do I say that? Because the prompter notated all blocking movements in the promptbook along with any special effect cues, scenic changes, and call boy cues. The promptbook served as a collection of paperwork that represented a production. Sound familiar? It stands to reason, that the historical bearer of such a book would be the predecessor to today’s SM. Read More...
  • Welcome to the New Stage Management History Blog

    Jennifer Leigh Sears Scheier | Stage Management History | October 18, 2017After posting two articles on SD’s SM Kit blog curated by David J. McGraw, I am incredibly excited to join the Stage Directions’ family, with my very own blog, SM History.  Check back often, as I’ll be posting information about the projects that I’m working on and other fun facts that I find along the way. But before we get to the historical stuff… let me introduce myself, my journey, and what information you can look forward to. Read More...
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