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The November 2020 Digital Edition

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Articles from the November 2020 Issue

  • SD Editor-in-Chief, Michael S. Eddy

    Editor’s Note: Trusting in Our Strong Roots

    34870Michael S. Eddy | Editor's Note
  • Education: Teaching Props in the Age of COVID-19

    34859Jay Lasnik | Educators
  • Design Insight: Q&A with Sound Designer Cricket Myers

    34857Michael S. Eddy | Design Insight
  • Production Manager’s Corner: Adapting to What Comes Next

    34855Jay Sheehan | Production Management
  • Viewpoint: Jubilee for the Future

    34853Sophia Skiles | Viewpoint
  • Theater Space: Everyone Can Hear Me Now

    34849Stage Directions | Theatre Space
  • Answer Box: Setting Standards For Accuracy and Ergonomics

    34844Jay Duckworth | Answer Box
  • Educators: Sharing the Experience

    34485Stage Directions | Educators
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