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The October 2020 Digital Edition

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Articles from the October 2020 Issue

  • Call to Action: #Extend PUA: Industry efforts to get support from Washington

    34203Michael S. Eddy | Call to ActionCurrent Issue
  • She Kills Monsters Car/Claw: Using Puppets to Convey Deep Emotional Content

    34090Jay Lasnik | Answer Box
  • How to Get a Head: Life Casting Tips

    34087Jay Duckworth | Technical Insight
  • Alex Hawthorn: A Passion for Sound Artistry

    34083Michael S. Eddy | Design Insight
  • John Iacovelli: Reflecting on 30 years of Teaching

    34075Michael S. Eddy | Master Teacher
  • In His Own Words: Jason Weixelman, PSM, Godspell at Berkshire Theatre Group

    34072Stage Directions | Stage Management
  • Godspell Takes the [Stage] Tent: Q&A with costume designer Hunter Kaczorowski

    34067Stage Directions | Costuming/Makeup
  • SD Editor-in-Chief, Michael S. Eddy

    Editor’s Note: Taking Advantage of the Pause

    34060Michael S. Eddy | Editor's Note
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